Plymouth Area News for the week of August 3rd, 2015

Plymouth Area News by Joyce Steiner
Had a small walnut bed in the antique store for a long time.  I decided it would make a beautiful bench so my wood worker, Jerry Booth, turned it into a bench.  Just lovely, come by Plymouth Rock to see it.
Terry Mickle brought 2 year books and a very old photo to the store from his mom.  I knew that Mary Bunney should have them so took them over to her.  They have already made it on to the Forgotten Photos of Plymouth site.  Thank you so much Terry.
Thanks to Wendi Mattson, I was able to have a BLT for dinner this week.  She had tomatoes.  I got 4 off my vines tonight.  That may be the entire crop from 8 plants.  Too much water.
Attended the British Pageant at Nauvoo on Wednesday evening.  It was terrific as always.  I am always amazed and appalled that people think they have to protest the Mormon pageants.  No one is at our church door on Sunday morning to protest the fact that I am a Methodist.  The Mormons are very friendly, every thing is free and you are not forced to attend the pageant.  They have entertainment before the pageant.  I got there early so I could reserve a good seat then went to enjoy the bagpipes.  The most notable part of the evening was when the person in the seat next to me actually introduced me to a gentleman and his family.  The gentleman had been part of the Tiananmen Square uprising and had to leave China.
If any of you had photos at Shooting Stars photography, they may be gotten by calling 309 837 2904 and asking for Hailey.  The last day they will be available is August 14th.
Sold 2 Red Wing crocks at the store on Thursday.
The mother of my husband’s children passed away on July 26th.  Two of their daughters visited with me on Friday and Sunday evenings.  Was so very nice to visit with them.  Our sympathy to the family.
Had a wonderful day at the store on Saturday.  Thank you to every one who shopped with me.  It was truly appreciated.
Sunday was the back pack give away at Living Faith United Methodist Church.  We had 60 some family come to the Church for the event.  Thank you to all who donated money and supplies for the event, thank you to all the helpers for the event and thank you to all the families who came to get school supplies.  We will continue to collect facial tissues for the school through out the year.
Hope you have a great week.  Looks like the weather is getting into a more settled pattern.  Scatter Kindness.
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