Plymouth Area News for the week of Jan 8th, 2018 by Joyce Steiner

So sorry to hear of the unexpected passing of Sherry Bartlow on Wednesday.  She was just a lovely person.  She had cut my hair every since Jeanne Bell retired and that has been a very long time.  Visitation is Sunday afternoon and the services are Monday morning at Living Faith United Methodist church.  They will be over by the time you read this.  Weather is just awful so hope all stay safe while trying to pay their respects to Sherry and her family.  Our sympathy to her family and friends.
The weather gods are just being cruel thus far in January.  A choice between -18 and freezing rain is really not a choice.  So many have had frozen pipes.  I feel so sorry for all the workers who are trying to help out people or who are trying to keep the roads clear.  Keep these workers in your thoughts and prayers.
Needed squirrel and bird food.  Both may be purchased at the Augusta elevator.  Shop locally!
Probably mentioned that my electric mattress pad died during the coldest weather.  As I could not get out, resorted to Amazon as they deliver.  The new heated mattress pad arrived on Thursday and I promptly put it on the bed.  No more woolly socks to bed!  What I did notice was that it has one connection for the two controllers.  My other blankets had two separate controllers so when one went bad, one could turn the blanket around and use the other controller and still use the blanket.  With only one connection, if it dies the blanket will be no good.  Good thinking when one is trying to sell a product.  Bad thinking if one hates to toss items.
Friday I counted seven squirrels, cardinals, juncos, and finches both regular and purple.  It is such fun to watch all the squirrels chasing each other around in the trees and jumping from one tree to another.  Really worth the time out in the cold and wet to feed them to have them in my yard.
With the ridiculous temperatures, traffic at the store has been minimal.  Jerry Booth ventured out one day to come and visit.  Saturday quite a lot of people finally got out and came to the antique store.  Thanks to you all!  Also thanks for the sales. 
Someone is telling around town that I will not let the students use the Community Center.  That is a lie.  An employee of the school opens the center at 7:15 each day there is school.  A lot of money has been spent to keep the building from falling down and in operation.  If you would like to help with expenses, feel free to send a check to the Plymouth Bank for the Plymouth Business Association.  All donations would be greatly appreciated!  Helping out would be a lot more beneficial than spreading untruths.
Please be very careful during this ugly weather.  A fall or an accident can ruin one’s life and harm those who depend on them.
Also be careful with trying to heat your home.  Improper heating can cause a house fire.  We are so sorry for those who have lost their homes due to fire recently.  Such a tragedy-I cannot even imagine the pain of loss of one’s home.
Be kind to all with whom you come in contact.  We all need those around us to be kind and caring.
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