Plymouth Area News for the Week of July 6th

Plymouth Area News by Joyce Steiner

Well yesterday was the nation’s birthday. Hope you had a great day. Went to Carthage to see the parade and had several requests to open the store including a phone call while at the parade. Came back and opened and had quite a few in though none of the people who had asked me to be open. Oh well guess they got busy-hum.

Mowing mowing mowing. Currently have one mower which will not start. Probably has to do with my hitting a stump with it. Will head for Bowen with it on Monday morning. Hope it can be repaired.

Tuesday went to an Adams meeting where members for the Adams Board were nominated. Always interesting but very “cut and dried” process for nomination. If any one really would like to be on the Adams Board, one can get 15 signatures to be put on the ballot at the annual meeting or be nominated from the floor at the annual meeting. The Board is all men and in my opinion, that should not be. Any women interested in input for Adams?

Stopped by the Golden Good Shepherd Home to visit with AJ Johnson and Marlene Kimble but found that Marlene had gone home that day. Visited quite a while with AJ who is still waiting for her second surgery.

Wednesday was the Plymouth Village Board meeting. All the members were present however the clerk was absent. There was a lot of discussion about water rates. A motion was made to raise the delivery fee by four dollars. That motion failed. A motion was made to raise the water rate 1 dollar per thousand gallons and the delivery fee one dollar. That motion passed and will go into effect soon. It will help your bill if you conserve water. That will also be good for the planet!

Hillsgrove Methodist Church celebrated their 124th anniversary on June 28th. There were 71 people present for the celebration. Rev. Mark Smith lead worship followed by a bountiful carry in meal. Congratulations to the Hillsgrove Church.

Friday evening I headed to Macomb to visit with Dot Burdett at Heartland. She has actually gained some weight which is a very good thing. Saturday late, I got another of those calls telling me she had fallen again. One would think that people in nursing homes should be looked after so that they do not fall but I guess they cannot be under surveillance all the time though I wish they were.

Had B&B guests arrive on Friday evening. They are here to help John Dittmer celebrate a mile stone birthday! Great people. Have enjoyed having them and Harry has been ecstatic as he has gotten extra attention.

Saw my first helicopter used for spraying fields on Saturday morning. It was spraying between Plymouth and the Denver turn off. Makes great sense to me to use a helicopter as it could go slower and probably lower than a plane. I remember a few years ago when a friend dropped a spray plane because he hit a stop sign with his wing. Now that is too low for any plane to be flying!

The village will be putting surveillance cameras in village park soon. Hopefully this will make the park safer for everyone.

Attended the fireworks in Macomb on July 4th. Saw Lee Hamm there. He is formerly from Plymouth but now lives in Macomb. Sat with Sara Woods, a friend also from Macomb. The band concert and the fire works were both great.
We now have a new pastor at Lining Faith United Methodist Church. His name is David Bigley. He has a wife and three sons. Two of the sons were at church today. Thinking maybe there will be some young ladies want to come to our church. I think pastor Dave and his family will be a good fit for our church. I wish them and us all good things and new inspiration in life.

Our back pack project will be their first big event with us. We will be passing out school supplies at the church on Sunday, August 2nd from 2-4 pm. All students in the Southeastern School District are welcome to take advantage of this event.

Got a call while still at church this morning. Seems a fellas car had broken down and been towed to Ralph’s and so he needed a place to stay. Came home and opened my home to him. Could have been a very unpleasant experience if he had car trouble somewhere where there was not a great tow service or a place to stay. He will find out early tomorrow just what is wrong with his car. Hopefully it is nothing too serious.

Have a great week. Just think, we have had three days in a row with no rain however storms and rain are predicted for Monday evening. Scatter Kindness.

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