Plymouth Area News for the week of June 27, 2016 by Joyce Steiner

Barb Clem gave the message at Living Faith United Methodist Church this morning.  As her husband recently passed, she is planning to move out of our community to Burlington where she has family.  We will sincerely miss Barbara.  She has been a wonderful part of our church.  Though I would like to see her stay, I do understand her decision.  Fly well and high Barbara, our thoughts and prayers will be with you in your new home.
Plymouth Women’s Circle fixed lunch for the Carle family reunion today.  The reunion was held at the PCCC.  Our rates are too reasonable so if you are planning a reunion or family get together you might want to contact Carolyn Ussery who is the head of our dinners and renting the PCCC.
Monday I had a person stop by the antique store with a package of holly hock seed in her hand.
We also had a staff, parish relations committee at the Living Faith United Methodist church on Monday.  Members attending were Carol Rankin, Barb Clem, Linda Bradshaw, Gerhard Jung, Pastor Dave and Joyce Steiner.  There was a lot to discuss.
Our IEAR group met on Wednesday evening at HyVee in Macomb.  Though the purpose of our meeting was to plan the meetings for the 2016-17 year, the high point of the meeting for me was meeting John Curtis.  John is running the the seat which Norine Hammond currently holds.  I looked at John and asked who his father was and found it was Dan Curtis with whom I was in 4H.  Dan and his wife live east of Plymouth on the black top.  I was very impressed with John and certainly wish that I could vote for him but I do not live in his district.  He is an amazing young man and would make an excellent representative for our area.  I found him very straight forward and knowledgeable.
Went to Macomb Friday evening to get fresh chicken and other supplies for the Carle luncheon.  Went to town again tonight to get fruit for a funeral dinner at Living Faith on Tuesday.  Also stopped by to see Dot Burdett.  As it was later in the evening, she was a bit agitated.  Took her a chocolate shake with whip cream and a cherry but she refused to eat it.  Sorry about that as I hate wasting food and money.
Saturday morning saw me up at 6 am and on my way to a stoneware swap meet    on the Monmouth Square.  It was well attended and interesting.  A lot of high end stoneware changed hands.  I bought one yellow and brown glazed horse planter from Morton pottery for a whole 10 dollars.  Love stoneware animals as you will note if you stop by my kitchen table.  Went to Ray and Kathy Goodell’s in Vermont for supper.  They are great people and love stoneware.  Visited with Rose McCurdy as she lives next door to Ray and Kathy and recently lost her husband Dale.  It was a nice day but very hot and the heat really makes one tired.
Was talking to one of my friends at church this morning and told her one of the things I was making for the lunch today was my corn pudding.  I am sure I have given the recipe before, but will do it again.  I have done a lot of experimenting with this dish to take out a lot of the calories.  Joyce’s Corn Pudding.  1 can whole kernel corn, 1 can cream style corn, 1 large onion processed in a food processor, 3 eggs, 1/2 cup corn meal mix, 1 can cream of chicken soup not diluted, sugar, salt and pepper to taste.  Just put all this in a casserole dish and mix it well.  Bake at 350 degrees until golden brown and enjoy.
Have a great week.  Scatter Kindness.
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