Plymouth Area News for the Week of June 29th

Plymouth Area News by Joyce Steiner

Monday Pat came into the antique store. She talked about Plymouth and I asked more. Her name was Pat Downing Calvert and she told me that she had worked at the drug store. She asked me if I knew about the “three Pats” but as I moved here in 1978, I had to say “no”. She said that the three Pats were cheerleaders and they were Pat Kepner Johnson and Pat McCutchen. She also indicated that she lived in a big white house where the home of Jim and Wendi Mattson is now. Was interesting to talk with her.

I noticed that my magnolia tree is blooming again now. I suspect that this is not a good thing. Probably thinks it is early spring because of all the rain.

Tuesday there was a Red Cross blood drive at the PCCC. I was number 18 on the list and think I was the last person to check in. We may have gotten credit for more than 18 pints as I know that a couple of men gave double red cell which counts as two units. Thanks to all who donated and to all who helped with the blood drive in any way. Having a safe blood supply is very important.

We also had a missions meeting on Tuesday evening. The back pack give away will be on Sunday afternoon, August 2nd from 2-4 pm if I remember correctly. If I do not, there is time for a correction. There will be a noisy offering on July 12 at Living Faith United Methodist Church for the back pack project. If you would like to help out you may send a check to Living Faith United Methodist Church in Bowen made out to back pack project or put it in the subject line of the check; We are also collecting kleenex for the schools.

Wednesday we had storms, sort of a daily thing. We had 1 1/2 inches of rain if my gauge is to be believed. Thursday we had almost two inches of rain but my other gauge had over 4 inches in it and it is only a couple of feet from the first one. Well anyway we have had enough storms and rain for a while. My back yard is not mowable as it is currently a swamp. Does make it easy to pull the creeping Charlie but also allows misquotes to breed and they make it almost impossible to work in the yard.

Headed to Macomb on Friday morning to see Dot Burdett for a minute and should not have done so. Many of the roads in Macomb were closed or had water running over them. I was in the VW and turned around a couple of times as it is not too far off the ground.

Friday evening I headed to Monmouth for a COIPS dinner and Board meeting. Everyone brought a piece of stoneware to show and tell about and there were some great stories. It was a fun evening except for having to drive for over two hours there and back.

Got up at 6 am and headed back to Monmouth for the Pottery on the Square sale on Saturday morning. Ray Goodell and David Hays saved a spot for me as they got there much earlier than I did. Good turnout for the event. Figured out that pottery lids sell well as I took several and only brought home one. Also sold a pottery pig and several books on pottery. Ray and Kathy Goodell invited a lot of the club members to their home in Vermont, Il for food and stoneware talk. Wonderful food and nice to spend time with good friends.

On the way to church this morning I think I spotted a beaver house in what should be a corn field. Not sure about that but it looked like one.

The Plymouth Women’s Circle provided lunch the the Carle Family Reunion at the PCCC on Sunday afternoon. There was a great turn out for the reunion. Good food and think the family had a good time. There were a lot of youngsters there and some kept running through the kitchen to grab left over watermelon balls. They probably did not know that they could be conscripted to help clean up and wash dishes. Hope they enjoyed the reunion and the water melon. I decided to take corn pudding and two large salads. Know now that the Carle family are not salad people and that I will be eating a lot of salad for the next few days!

Just watched the news and it sounded like there were a lot of storms in the area today, Sunday. Thankfully we missed them. Rain predicted every day in the future forecast. Wish we could figure out how to get this rain to move to California.

Have a great week. Pray for those who are ill and for the farmers that they may have some harvest.

Saturday we celebrate the birth of our country. Scatter Kindness.

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