Plymouth Area News for the Week of March 23rd

Plymouth Area News by Joyce Steiner

Attended the Adams advisory meeting on Monday evening at the Adams headquarters in Golden. It was noted that fiber optic service will come to Bowen with construction starting on April 6th. As the cable will be overhead and not buried, it should go in fairly fast. Know that all the Bowen customers are looking forward to fast, reliable internet service. Adams is also going into some Quincy communities as I have mentioned earlier.

Plymouth Women’s Forum also met on Monday evening. Mary Bunney and Connie Fairchild gave the program on Forgotten Photos. A pot luck was held. I am sure that most of you are familiar with the “Forgotten Photos of Plymouth” site on face book. Great site and we are so thankful for all the work Mary does for the site.

Tuesday IEA Retired teachers met at HyVee in Macomb. After dinner at the HyVee restaurant, we had a program given by the dietician on healthy eating.

Tuesday morning I hurried off to Carthage to see John Faulhaber to get my taxes underway. I am the queen of green sheets and still do not keep records on my computer. Would take me longer to learn how to do that than just to continue using green sheets. After 33 years of running the store, I am pretty good with green sheets! Always amazed when the whole year comes out to the penny.

Bible study continues at the Living Faith United Methodist parsonage in Bowen on Wednesday evenings at 5:30 pm. We have done 23 consecutive weeks and this week is the last session. I am living proof that one is never too old to learn new things. Very thankful for the opportunity to do the Disciple Bible course while Pastor Bruce is still here.

A friend formerly from Plymouth, Lee Ham, was married on Wednesday. Congratulations to the couple.
Thursday there were seven people for Bible study at my home. The study is lead by Pat Phelps. We were down a few people as there is quite a bit of sickness in our community, some quite serious. Dorothy Torok was hostess. Please keep your neighbors in your thoughts and prayers.

A friend purchased two Jackson Funeral Home signs from Plymouth and Bowen. I bought them and one will be for sale if anyone is interested in one of them. They are metal with black lettering and about one by two feet in size.

Have purchased a lot of antiques privately in the last couple of weeks. That is a very good thing as there have been few antique auctions. When I buy privately, I get a wide variety of items so come check out the store.

Our Emmaus group met at my home on Friday evening. Also had B&B guests from Pennsylvania on Friday and Saturday nights. The gentleman is looking for land to lease or buy in the area for deer hunting. They were amazed at how friendly and helpful the people are in West Central Illinois. If you know of land to lease or sell, you might contact me and I can get the word to the gentleman.

Had a steak at Ma & Pa’s on Saturday evening-pretty rare treat. It was great. Noted that there were a lot of cars there Sunday for lunch. Glad that they are staying open and hope that someone will soon buy the restaurant so that it can remain in the community.

After church today, I decided that spring was officially here and moved the Royal Family to their summer quarters. They were sitting on the front porch this evening enjoying the feel of the breeze on their faces after several long months in their winter home. Also mowing the long dead grass as I could not do it last fall. Hope we do not have to mow new grass soon as I have more dead to get mowed.

As I mentioned, there is a lot of illness in the Plymouth area. There are several from Plymouth at Heartland too. Please pray for restored health for these people.

Have a great week. Supposed to be spring rains this week. Hope there are no spring storms.
You will notice that my website is different. I have moved it to nuggetweb which is located in Hancock County. They are going to put the “news” on my site for me until they can teach me how to do it. Wish me luck!

Scatter Kindness.

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