Plymouth Area News for the week of May 1st, 2017 by Joyce Steiner

OK God we have had enough rain for a while.  I think our area has been very fortunate.  The rain fell very gently and I thought it had all soaked in until I saw the level of the Lamoine River today.  I have dumped .7 inches, 1.5 inches and approximately 2 inches out of the rain gage this week.  This does not include Sunday as we got very little rain today.  I am grateful, one sump pump hole is still dry and the other has not got much water in it.  The secret seems to be getting the water away from the house.  I have one big ugly plastic pipe on the end of the down spout by the kitchen but it is working.
Tuesday my cousins Kay and Larry Crain stopped by the store.  Kay is a wonderful artist and shows many of her paintings on face book.  She is going to have a show in Macomb in May.  She and Larry are both originally from Macomb.  The show will be on the east side of the Macomb Square and the open house for the artists is May 19th.  I can’t wait to see many of her paintings “in real life”.
Had another surprise this week.  Haley Dixon has returned to Illinois from the state of Washington.  It was so good to see her.  She worked at my store before she married and moved.  She had a house east of Plymouth but it was run into by a car and shoved off the foundation so it is no longer livable.  Hopefully she can find something in the Plymouth area soon. 
Got to appraise the contents of a home this week.  That is always interesting as one never knows what they will get to see.
Attended the open house at Wesley Village for the new home style of living arrangements which they are building at Wesley.  They have one cottage done so the atmosphere will be more family like for the residents.  Think this is a great idea.  They are also cross training the staff so any staff can help anyone instead of saying “I will get someone to help you with that”.  I think this is a great idea also. 
Saw my first lightening bug of the season on Thursday evening.
The Plymouth Old Settler’s Committee served matadors, dessert and drinks on Saturday evening at the PCCC.  The weather was pretty awful and it was tempting to just go home and get warm but I wanted to support the meal.  The gentlemen did a great job on the matadors, they were very good.  Brick Wall Pizza was not open Saturday night and that should have been a boost for the matador supper.
Sunday was busy as usual.  After church, I fixed food and headed for Tennessee for the Annual Tennessee School Reunion.  There were 17 present for the celebration.  Gerald White gave an interesting presentation on blue birds.  Of course there was also a pot luck meal and I do enjoy potlucks.  I created a dish earlier this week which I took.  I boiled about 2/3 of a box of linguine noodles with some chopped green onions.  When the linguine was about done, I added about a pound of fresh asparagus, a half jar of alfredo  sauce, a can of chicken, some chicken soup base and some pepper.  Turned out to be pretty tasty. 
Ray and Kathy Goodell came over on Sunday evening and I fed them leftovers, salad and fruit.  Enjoyed their visit.
One of my friends had a heart attack this week so have an addition to my prayer list.
Bought a bagging lawn mower to get grass to mulch my flower and strawberry beds.  Don’t know why I did not think of this before.  Lots easier than letting the grass get too long, mowing it, raking it up and them putting it on the beds.  Got the strawberry bed done and part of some of the flower beds.  Lots more to do when the rain lets up.
Have a great week.  Pray for those that are ill and just pray for good things for all your neighbors.  Scattering Kindness is so much better than scattering hatefulness and better for all concerned.
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