We Are Community for the week of April 1st, 2024, by Joyce Steiner

We Are Community 196

Today is Easter Sunday and this has been Easter week for all of us.  There have been a few trials this week and holidays are often difficult for those who have lost family members or who have other issues with which to deal.  I decided it would be more productive to count my many blessings than to self-wallow.

We had rain this week.  My store sprung a bad leak so I called a roofing company.  They were to call back but did not and did not respond to my later text.  Though my neighbor has had health issues, he and his son came and fixed my roof on Saturday!  Thank You!

Finished unloading and putting things back in place from the Paris show.  I got a call to come and look at antiques at a private home.   The gentleman turned out to be someone I had known many years ago.  He had lost his wife and decided to let go of some things.  The house was lovely and I was grateful to have been called.  Got some nice things for the store.  Thank You!

Some plumbing issues so stopped by to see Rick Ramsey.  His son came the next morning and tried to fix the issue.  Was reassuring that the problem was no worse than it was even though it does not seem to be totally fixed.  Thank you for trying so soon.

Had two people stop by the store for everyday things- a glass coffee pot and coaster to put under furniture legs.  Had both items.

The men of Living Faith UMC provided and fixed breakfast for the congregation on Easter Sunday after the Sunrise Service.  They provided chocolate milk, juice, biscuits and sausage gravy, sausage, bacon, eggs, sweet rolls and fruit.  Thank You!

Our pastor did two services today instead of one.  We also had a Tenebrae service on Friday evening.  That is a service of darkness and it is a service which makes one think of their own mortality but we cannot celebrate Easter Sunday without also having Good Friday.

Got to take a friend to Hotel Nauvoo for his birthday dinner on Saturday evening.  The food at the hotel never disappoints.

I love my cell phone.  As mentioned before, holidays can be a bit of a problem but two families and three other people reached out to wish me a Happy Easter.  Thank You!

Heard my first frog songs this week.  Spent quite a lot of time weeding in the yard this afternoon.  Being out side with nature helps lift one’s mood.  Also saw my first two butterflies of the season.  I have so many blooming flowers in my yard also have a lot of purple blooming weeds!

My weather radio went off as there were severe thunderstorms in the area but we in Plymouth did not get the hail.  The weather report showed large hail in Macomb however.

We all know by now that a major bridge in Baltimore was taken down by a ship this week.  There were several workers killed in the accident.  Grateful that authorities were able to get most of the vehicles off the bridge before the collapse and prevent even more loss of life.

And I am grateful that we can celebrate Easter.  Jesus died for us.  He also rose for us and that gives us hope for another life after this one.  Happy Easter.  Each of us has so many blessing to count!


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