We Are Community for the week of Dec 19th, 2022, by Joyce Steiner

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My solar panel production tells me we have not had sun for 10 days.  Almost seems longer.  Today, Sunday, the sun finally came out.  Though it was still chilly, seemed pleasant.  I filled bird and squirrel feeders, outdoor water pans and did more outdoor chores which I had been putting off.  This week the days will also start getting longer.

Have mentioned that I have a new kitten, Puff.  She is quite a handful.  I find Christmas ornaments all over the house.  Some of my snowflakes are no longer in one piece but watching her enjoyment of life makes it all worthwhile.  Had forgotten how energetic a kitten can be.

I keep getting told that people no longer send Christmas cards.  I just ask why?  Seems to me like we could take time at least once a year to say hi to friends and tell them they are appreciated.  I have sent out well over a hundred and thought of each person to whom they went.  Christmas cards are the only way I communicate with a few people and it is sad to think that some do not even do that.  Get out that old Christmas card list!

Plymouth Women’s Circle met Wednesday at the PCCC at 6:30 pm.  The program was given by Randy and Cindy Smith on their recent trip to Europe.  They visited many countries and took lots of photos.  Loved seeing places I have never been.  I was hostess and served earthquake cake.  Good if you like chocolate and sugar-who doesn’t!  Our next meeting will be the 2nd Wednesday of February.  Please join us.

My printer stopped talking to my computer.  Then it quit talking to me.  Went to Walmart and bought a new cheap one as I don’t print that much and all I need is something to copy and print.  My printer is on top of an oak roll top desk and a mass of wires go behind the desk.  Since I could neither move the desk or know where all those wires belonged, I called Adams Experts and a service person came out and installed the printer.  Glad we have that service available.

The latest scams seem to involve emails about orders which I have not made.  I just delete them but am sure that if I responded that I would be asked for “correct” information like address and credit card numbers so that the mistake could be cleared up.  Don’t click on suspicious emails.

Seems some people do not have paper to write on and scratch on anything available like envelopes etc.  I get lots of junk mail.  The backs of letters are often blank.  Just keep those blank sheets folded in half by your phone or computer and you will always have something to write on without buying more paper or tablets.

Today is the 4th Sunday of Advent.  The 4th candle is the candle of Love.  We immediately think of loving others.  Our pastor reminded us today that we also need to love ourselves.  There are many facets to this.  The first is to take care of our bodies-eat right, exercise, get enough rest, we only have one body.  However, there are other facets to loving ourselves.  If we do not have a good image of our self-worth, we may allow others to treat us badly-somehow thinking we do not deserve anything better.  There is a big difference between “thinking you are a god” and thinking you are a person of value to yourself, others and to your creator.  Be all you can be. Get an education, it is never too late. Take care of yourself so that you can also take care of others.  Think that you deserve good things and to be treated well because everyone does deserve good things in their life.  Be a doormat to no one.

As we approach Christmas day, think of Hope, Peace, Joy and Love. May each of you find them in your life and may you share them with those around you.  Scatter Kindness and Love and Merry Christmas to each and everyone.


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