We Are Community for the week of Dec 25th, 2023, by Joyce Steiner

We Are Community 182

“Tis the Season of Christmas 2023” was the greeting on this year’s Christmas letter.  Began that greeting a few years ago when I was writing a Christmas poem instead of a letter.  Worked well some years-2011 rhymes with heaven and 2012 with bells but you can see there would be problems here so went back to writing letters giving some news of my life for that year and wishing good tidings to those I was writing to.

For years I have sent out over a hundred Christmas cards.  If my goal was to get a hundred back, I would indeed be disappointed.  I have come to think that sending Christmas cards is like holding funerals.  Funerals are a tradition, not for the departed, but for those left.  Christmas cards are not only for the recipient but also for those sending them.  Each card gets a letter and a short personal note at the bottom.  This gives me a few moments to reflect on what makes that person special in my life and to really think of them.  Some of my cards go to people I no longer see in person so it is really important to remember them.

If you are one of those people who say to me “I don’t send Christmas cards”, perhaps you need to reconsider.  You may never know just how important that small act might be to the person being remembered. We all get 24 hours each day-use them wisely.

Today we lit the Advent candle for Love.  To me that is probably the most important candle.  It should remind us that God loves us no matter what.  It should also remind us of the greatest commandment that we love God with all our heart, soul and mind but let us not forget the rest of it-to love our neighbor as ourself.  It has become ok in America to say awful things to others or about others and to post awful things on the internet.  In my opinion, we need to think before we hit the send or post button.  If the comment, picture or thought is going to be nasty, hate filled or hurtful to someone or some group, then don’t send it.  Love your neighbor as yourself.  If you think so little of yourself, then get to work on that!

Loving something does not always mean a person.  My kitty, Puff, brings a lot of joy into my life.  She is presently behind the monitor purring.

Did all the normal things this week-had a guest, grocery shopped, cooked and baked for Christmas, unloaded and priced more things for the store, sold some things at the store, just sat down and enjoyed the Christmas tree, fed and watered both the birds and the squirrels and much more.  Hope you also had a busy and productive week.

May you find Peace, Hope, Joy and love.  To me Peace means accepting the situation in which I find myself.  Hope means that there is something better out there just waiting for me.  Joy is a sense of happiness and well being and again acceptance.  Those of you who read this column know that I “preach” Love every week.  Love your neighbor as yourself.  Be kind.  Don’t be hateful even if tempted.  You do not elevate your standing by stepping on someone else.

This week celebrate the birth of Jesus who loved people in all situations and stations of life.  Scatter Good Will and Love and be kind!  Merry Christmas and strive to be a better person in 2024.

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