We Are Community for the week of Feb 26th, 2024, by Joyce Steiner

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The Western Illinois Museum held an open house today, Sunday.  I attended for several reasons.  First the building that now houses the museum was the first location of Gentry-Bryant Ford when they moved to Macomb from Missouri.  Secondly being an antique dealer, I am interested in many things which the museum houses.  They have a nice collection of pottery, some nice spinning wheels and yarn winders, some great quilts and so much more.  Also found that I have several friends who are on the Board of Directors as well as the Director.

There is a black man buried in the old cemetery at Argyle Lake.  I believe he was a former slave and was associated with the McCord family.  His Bible came down through my family to me and I donated it to the museum because I felt it was an important piece of local history which should be preserved for all-not just one person.  If you have important artifacts, please consider donating them to the museum.

The museum is in the process of renovation.  New windows have been installed and now a new floor in the east wing of the building.  Next project is HVAC in the east building.  If you would like to help, all contributions are appreciated.

Attended the Antique and Collectors club on Wednesday.  It meets the 3rd Wednesday of the month at the Macomb city building at 7 pm.  We seem to have more persons attending each month.  If you are interested in Macomb pottery, I plan to talk about it at the next meeting in March.

There have been some very nice days this week.  Several sunsets have been lovely and we observed the Snow Moon this week.  My crocus are blooming and my Lenten roses have buds and flowers on them even though I lost the really big plants last year.  I do have several small plants which have survived and which I hope will spread more.  Was also able to get my bicycle out of the garage and ride one evening this week.

Finally finished pricing the load from the Kelso Auction which was held on New Years Eve.  Am usually faster than that in pricing but was caning a large rocker and wanted to get it finished so put off pricing until the rocker was done.

The customers who shop at Aldi in Macomb are pretty generous about leaving money is the carts for the next shopper.  There is normally at least one cart with the quarter left in it.  That is a vey nice gesture.  However I have noticed that if there are three or four carts which still have quarters in them for the next shoppers, that someone usually puts them back into the racks and takes all the quarters.  I find this a bit sad.  Why not leave them for the next customers as intended.

I believe that spring is here.  I am sure there will be some more cold spells but the flowers are up.  Some farmers are already in the fields.  There are many people already enjoying playing in the Plymouth Park.  There have been some lovely warm days already and there are more to come this week before a sharp temperature drop in the middle of the week.  Spring is a rebirth.  Enjoy it.

Scatter Kindness and Love wherever you go this week.

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