We Are community for the week of Feb 6th, 2023, by Joyce Steiner

We Are Community 135

Heard on the news last evening that two people in our county perished when they fell through the ice on a pond.  So very sorry to hear this sad news.

The Plymouth American Legion will be hosting a breakfast Saturday, Feb 11th from 7-10 am at the Legion building.  Pancakes, sausage, biscuits and gravy and more will be on the menu.  It is an “all you can eat” meal.  Come out and enjoy breakfast and support the Legion Post.

Monday the first robo call came in before 7 am.  Just love that!  My neighbor is having a metal building put up.  His crew is six young Amish men.  They began hammering by 7:30 am.  The temperature was near zero.  They were back at it Tuesday morning when the temperature was a warm 4 degrees.  I am just amazed that they work in these temperatures and am also amazed how fast the building was completed.  One day they were walking up to KD’s so I had them get in the back of my van and gave them a ride to the restaurant.  Probably was not too comfortable as there are no seats and there were several bags of cat food in the van.

Am happy that the sun now sets after 5 pm and I can once again get sunset photos if there is in fact any sun.  Had many days in January without sun.  Weather looks better going forward.  My flowers are coming up and predicting an early spring.  Perhaps we can just ignore Phil!

The Plymouth Village Board met on Wednesday evening.  Two board members were absent.  It was a good meeting.  The engineer made several reports about various projects in the works including the water tower, the water plant, sidewalks, the band stand and more.  The garbage contract was also discussed and it was noted that even with the last small price increase the garbage bill for customers will not cover the cost paid by the Village.  That does just not work so the garbage fee will have to be increased to at least cover the cost of the service.  It was noted that we need to hire an assistant to our water superintendent (and person who does everything) as well as get bids for mowing.  That person could be the same person(s).  Was glad to see Samantha Harnack, the director of the Hancock County Economic Development group, at the meeting.

Like to pay my bills on time so I do not have to pay late fees.  I pay five Ameren bills.  Three of them came and two did not.  Called and asked about them and the nice lady said they had been sent.  Two were sent on 1/18 and they finally arrived on 1/27.  Asked not to be charged late fee because I had not gotten the bills and she told me she could do nothing about that!

Attended the Lowderman auction on Thursday.  Filled the van.  Sold some of the things out of the van on Saturday as I had a good crowd at the store on Saturday.  Thank you.

Have no idea why anyone would dump a Burmese kitty but one appeared at my store this week.  It is lovely and I am happy to feed another mouth.

If you have either pop or beer cans, please put them in the barrel in front of the antique store.  That way they will be recycled instead of just going to the land fill.  The money will go to buy kitty food and for spaying.

I am loving the sunshine.  Hope you enjoy it too.  Have a good week and scatter kindness and love.


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