We Are Community for the week of Feb 8th, 2021, by Joyce Steiner


Our sympathy to the family and friends of Pat Akins of Augusta who passed away on February 1st.  She did the flea market at Plymouth Old Settlers.

Just refilled the bird feeders.  Today there are cardinals, a male house finch, female purple finches, a downy woodpecker, juncos, nut hatches and of course sparrows.  Just so fun to feed them and watch them eat.  Normally I have doves on the ground and green finches but have seen neither thus far this winter.  Am trying different kinds of suet.  They seem to like peanut flavored well and now I have out berry flavored.

Thought there was  a coon in the garage so set a live trap.  Caught my fluffy possum.  Apologized to it and tried to set it free.  Would not budge from the trap so propped the door open and just left it.  Was gone the next morning.  Fluffy did get two marshmallows for his trouble.

The Plymouth Village Board meeting was Wednesday evening. The engineer came with a drawing of a possible design for the Square.  I loved it. Had new sidewalks, street lights, parking spaces with edging and lots more.  Getting  engineering work done is necessary so that all the parts of the Square project work well together instead of doing it piecemeal and having to remove things later which do not fit.  There was  discussion of the audit which indicated that all account balances seemed ok. There was  further discussion of paying off the sewer loan early to save thousands of dollars in interest for residents of the Village.  Our Village policeman was  present.  So good to have a policeman on duty.  Was also very happy to see a reporter for the Journal Pilot present at the meeting.

Thursday, as you all know, we had a snow and ice storm.  I was at the antique store looking out the window and for some time there were white out conditions.  I know it was worse other places as there were multi vehicle pile ups in Iowa.  Snow is beautiful if it would only snow around the roads and not on them!

Mentioned that a couple came to the antique store last week and left money for a bag of kitty food.  Yesterday he returned with eight kitty houses for the ferals.  They are insulated, weighted, have straw in them as well as food to lure in the kitties.  I figured that not a kitty would try them out but to my delight, when I went to the store on Sunday afternoon, there were kitty tracks into each house.  Think they were looking for the food but that is certainly a good start.  A really big thank you to the couple for caring about feral kitties to the extent to make them insulated houses and deliver them to Plymouth.  Their phone number indicates that they are from the St Louis area.

A big thank you to the person with the John Deere who cleared my drive on Sunday.  It is very much appreciated.

Am wondering if I am the only one with irrational fears.  Especially since I have been widowed, I am fearful when the temperatures fall well below zero.  I worry about the water lines in the antique store freezing.  I worry about the furnace going out.  My home is heated with old fashioned radiators and I can imagine having no electricity and having the radiators freeze and break.  Though my mind knows that worry does absolutely no good, try telling it that when I am awake during the night!  If anyone has any good suggestions for dealing with irrational fears, please let me know.

The demon squirrel has been back on the roof this week.  Even emailed a couple of friends asking if it could be shot.  Probably a bad idea because if one is not a sharp shooter, one is more likely to put holes in the roof than the demon squirrel.  I have lots of squirrels which I feed and only want to do away with one of them, not all of them so would have to catch it in the act of house eating.  Just cant figure out why this guy is actually eating a hole in my house.  You can see the chew marks.

Am about due for my second COVID-19 shot.  Will be glad to get it done.  Some people I have talked to have had more reaction to the second shot than the first.  Still anxious to get it done.

Made lasagna this week but have not perfected the recipe enough to share.  Hopefully soon.

Have a good week.  Pray for all those who are experiencing awful winter weather.  We really have been  lucky thus far even with my irrational fear of below zero temperatures.  When you have the opportunity, get your COVID-19  shot to protect you and those you love.  Scatter Kindness.




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