We Are Community for the week of July 1st, 2024, by Joyce Steiner

We Are Community 209

One of my favorite things-a church pot luck.  Living Faith had an outdoor service complete with games and a potluck lunch.  Nothing better than all those favorite foods from church members.  Yum.  Did have a choice to make as was invited to another church pot luck which included homemade ice cream.  We at Living Faith may have to up our game!

The scammers never quit.  New one this week.  On the same day but from two different people, I had messages that the Facebook pages for both my businesses would be taken down for copyright infringement problems.  As far as I know they are both still up.  I do so tire of these scams and know that they would not continue if people didn’t respond to them giving out vital information.  Also, instead of taking over your profile on Facebook, scammers now clone it to get information from your friends.  If you get a friend request, don’t automatically click on it and if you have sent me one, realize that I am very hesitant to click on friend requests.  I get many from men with great profile photos who are always widowers.  Am sure that these are from scammers as very unlikely that a handsome widower from Texas or elsewhere would just happen to pick out me to friend.

Plymouth still needs rain.  Areas all around us got up to an inch and a half but we only got about one tenth of an inch.  Lawn crunchy and watering potted plants to keep them going.

We all carry our phones.  I keep hearing people say that they do not have enough pockets so sometimes misplace their phone.  I have a purse in one pocket and keys in the other so would have the same problem.  As I normally wear jeans or cutoffs, both denim, I solved that problem by making a small carrying case out of denim which I pin to my jeans or shorts.  Works great and just blends in.  Will make one for you or show you how if you like.

Since the weather has gotten more pleasant, have had more customers in the store.  Bought a fruit jar collection this week.  If you like fruit jars or need lids, please stop by.  If you like antiques, please stop by!

Attended the opening evening of Heritage Days in Macomb on Thursday.  Watched one great band and walked around the park.  There was a huge carnival which had a cute bear ride.  The carnival was very busy.  Went back Saturday morning for the parade.  Many, many years ago there used to be lots of decorated floats in a parade-now it seems there are mainly walking or riding groups and some politicians.  One of the first entries was a great horse drawn carriage with only a driver in it.  Finally figured out that the Grand Marshalls were walking the parade route rather than riding in the carriage.

The Macomb Square is looking wonderful.  There are flower beds in the parking area which add so much to the overall look.  Those were proposed for Plymouth also and would make the Square look so much better.

Checked the route which I ride my bike and found it to be two and a half miles.  Don’t know if this is far enough to do good things for my health, but do know I feel better when I ride.  Please be on the look out for a “little old lady” on a bike when you drive west of Plymouth.  Am amazed at how fast some people drive on the black top.

Have a good week.  Enjoy the 4th of July celebrations.  If you are tempted to set off loud explosives, remember that those are very troubling for many who have served in combat and perhaps it would be better for all to attend a sponsored display.  Gives us another opportunity to scatter Kindness and Love instead of just thinking of ourselves.

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