We Are Community for the week of July 8th, 2024, by Joyce Steiner

We Are Community 210

We celebrated our countries’ independence this week.  Lots of fire works and I suspect lots of picnics and family gatherings for some.  Went to Carthage for the parade.  Got on and off the hayrack this year without needing a trip for stitches.  Also learned some things about candy throwing.  First, those flat packages that contain fruit gummies sail very well.  Think I made two “sacks in one”.  Don’t know if the kids eat them however.  2.  Wrapped peppermints do not even get picked up off the streets.  3. Some of the large tootsie rolls need to be taste tested by the throwers.  Went to Macomb for the fireworks show.  One parks in Q lot with hundreds of their closest friends to watch the show.  Always nice.

Checked the Lowderman Auction offerings on Wednesday and found there were going to be a lot of nice things on the Friday auction.  Was very happy to see Victorian furniture selling well.  Did not get to buy any of it but don’t have room for much furniture anyway.  Did get some fun things for the store and three wonderful kitty trays for myself.

I read a lot.  Mostly I read fiction and usually read by author so I will not waste time on a book that I won’t like.  I am branching out with authors however, and find that if they are New York Times best selling authors that the stories are usually good.  I like happy endings as there is enough sadness in life.  Picked up a book by an author which I did not know but which was by a New York Times best selling author.  It had a lot of interesting twists and it was very much faith based.  I think the reason I am choosing to write about this book is that all the prayers were answered in the way you would want them to be answered.  Families were reunited.  Old loves were found.  Games were won.  Children were loved.  Real life does not always happen this way.

Wars rage around the world.  There is hunger.  There are storms which cause much damage.  There is too much or not enough rain.  Some people have so much illness.  There is so much divide and hatred even in our own country.  And though we pray daily, these problems still exist.  Perhaps the book would have better served its readers if prayer was shown to help us through these difficult times.  To pray for strength no matter what situation in which we find ourselves.  To pray for guidance to make the right decisions.  I don’t know the answers but I do know that faith helps us get through the most difficult of times.  I also know that I will keep praying for happy endings!

Even as I type this, we are getting a nice rain.  I have baby birds in two bird houses.  My flowers are blooming and I have good health.  Now if that “knight in shining armor” would just ring the doorbell.

Another revelation.  Racoons prefer chocolate milk to cocoanut milk.  I put leftover cocoanut milk from a guest in a pan on the back porch and it eventually dried up into chunks which blew away.  I put chocolate milk in the same pan and it was completely gone the next day.  I believe this was a scientific survey and the results should be published so here they are.

Enjoyed the bagpipe band on the stage at Carthage.  Alo enjoyed the sandwiches served by the Carthage Lion’s Club.  They were great and I took home some hot dogs for supper.

Have a great week.  Pray for good things to happen and for the strength to deal with those things which are not good.  Scatter Kindness and Love.  We cannot change the world, but we can change our little corner of it.

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