We Are Community for the week of June 13th, 2022, by Joyce Steiner

Sometimes I forge that we have a State Park really close to Plymouth.  Weinberg King State Park is located just east of Augusta and has many things to offer.  There is a well-kept camping area, several picnics areas, a pond for fishing, trails both for walking and riding horses, hunting and more.  It is lovely to go there in the evenings to get some photos to share with friends or on Facebook.  Think I may have to get a fishing license.

Finally found time to go to Quincy to stock up my antique mall booth and do some shopping.  We all have many devices that use batteries so I buy big packs of both AA and AAA when I go to Menards.  Was happy to find that I could buy a package of 48 AAA batteries that actually say “Made in the USA” but the fine print admits that there are US and global parts.  At least it is a start.  The brand is Performax long lasting alkaline batteries and they were not more expensive than the ones that do proclaim “made in China”.  Put them in both weather alert radios and weather stations.

We have had so many storms and rain recently.  Think this week I have dumped out 4 in, .4 in, .6 in, and .4 in.  People around us had much more during the storm on Sunday morning and some also reported hail.  Am currently trying to decide if too much rain or too much heat is preferable.

Got some nice flowers while in Quincy, so planted more at the store and more at home for the coons to dig up.  Also bought a quart of cayenne pepper to try to discourage the coons from digging them up.  Will let you know how this works.

Attended the Methodist Annual Church Conference in Peoria Thursday through Saturday with Carol Rankin and Pastor Sheri Renner.  Was nice to be able to meet in person again after the covid lapse.  There were well over 300 delegates in person and almost as many on Zoom.  Lots of business accomplished, sermons heard, music appreciated, people remembered, churches closed, departed remembered and new ministers welcomed into the fold.

I am very happy to report that the black top from Denver to Plymouth has reopened.  Drove it Saturday evening to make sure as I have started to church and had to turn around too many times.  It is open!  Will save me some time and perhaps there will be more traffic to the store as a result.

Living Faith United Methodist Church has a roof that leaks.  We have needed a new roof for quite a while.  We voted to replace the current roof with a metal one as soon as possible.  We have searched for quality materials and a good licensed and insured roof company.  I think we have found both and would like to thank the people who have worked so long and hard to secure these bids.  It will not be cheap.  If any of you out there would like to donate toward the new roof, you could send check to Living Faith United Methodist Church in Bowen, IL.  I know that is not a complete address but I think the check will get there anyway.

Have cleaned my fish ponds some and got a new air pump.  Now it seems I need new fish as I can only see fish in one of the three ponds.

This morning’s bulletin notes that the fruits of the spirit are love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.  Surely would be a nicer world if we all practiced these fruits.

Have a great week.  Stay safe despite the coming hot temperatures.  Scatter Kindness.

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