We Are Community for the week of June 24th, 2024, by Joyce Steiner

We Are Community 208

Our community has lost two people in the last couple of weeks.  Chris Hornecker passed over on June 14th.  He was the son of Jean and Buford Hornecker of Augusta.  He worked at Jim Baier in Fort Madison with my late husband.  Kay Melvin passed on June 16.  She lived just north of Augusta in what used to be a restaurant.   Our sympathy to familiy and friends.

It is June and the grass and many plants look like August.  My lawn is crunchy and I try to water my potted plants to keep them going.  Several times we have had a 100% chance of rain and it has missed us.  Seems awfully warm for June but my mind tends to forget the bad things which is good.  Praying for some nice gentle rain.

Saturday was a fun and full day.  Got up at 6 am, which is early for me as I normally read till midnight or so, and headed for Monmouth.  As you know, I love stoneware and there was a stoneware show and swap meet at the Stoneware Museum of Monmouth.  There were over 50 dealers set up under wonderful tents.  There were pottery making displays, the museum to visit and great food.  There were friends from several states and people we see on Facebook- so nice to see them in person.  Great day and I brough home a really cute sheep.  It has become known that I love stoneware animals.

A trip to Monmouth was not the only thing on Saturday however.  I have gone to Branson with “The Chosen Ones” several times and the “Lesters” have even stayed here so am familiar with several Gospel groups.  Tom Campbell, from Golden, and I share a love of antiques and we also discuss church quite a bit.  He gave me a flyer for the “Tribute Quartet Concert at the Historic Golden Windmill”.  Decided to go and had plenty of time after I got back from Monmouth.  Dinner was served and the ladies in charge did a great job.  One could have a variety of sandwiches, chips and desserts.  There were many people in the audience whom I knew as I taught at Central for 23 years and also several pastors that I have known for years.  Great concert!  They were wonderful entertainers; had a great stage persona and I have never seen a better pianist.  Felt a bit sorry for the piano at times.  I believe that the “Tribute Quartet” is going to be in Quincy later this year.  You will love them.

The Antiques and Collectables Club met at Rudy’s in Augusta for dinner at 6pm on Wednesday.  There were 16 of us for dinner and a couple more people arrived at Plymouth Rock Antiques after dinner.  I hope the club members enjoyed seeing all the things which I have to offer at my stores.  Want to thank everyone who came for the evening out.  Was able to see Monica Burkholder’s shop in Good Hope on Saturday on the way home from the swap meet.  Love sharing my passion for antiques with others.  One also meets the nicest people in the antique and collectible world!

There was a wedding in the Amish community this week.  That means guests from many states.  It also means that people driving the Amish need a place to stay and my B&B has been discovered by some drivers.  Have had a lady from the State of Tennessee all week and four other drivers in and out.  I think Puff likes have new people to play with as do my outdoor kitties.  Thank goodness the AC continues to work and that Augusta Plumbing and Heating seems to have gotten my bathroom stools to work better.  When I called them, they told me that most of the employees were in Colorado as were some of my friends.  Boy, are they going to be surprised when they go from Colorado temperatures to the present Illinois temperatures.

Have a wonderful week.  Pray for your neighbors as there are a lot of health issues to be dealt with.  Scatter Kindness and Love.



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