We Are Community for the week of June17th, 2024, by Joyce Steiner

We Are community 207

Today is Father’s Day.  The one day in the year that we set aside to celebrate the men in our lives.  I hope that you are a good father or that you had a good father or that you are a good father figure.  I applaud men who have gone into teaching or nursing which are not male dominated fields but in which men are badly needed especially in teaching to set good male examples for their students.  Happy Father’s Day!

Plymouth Circle met on Wednesday evening at the PCCC.  We had a lot to discuss about renovations to the former church building.  The Chapel is now finished!   We have a new furnace and AC.  The plaster work is done and the painting is done in the Chapel.  If you are planning a wedding, a large celebration or need the Chapel for a funeral, it is ready.  The rent is one hundred dollars and it can be rented by calling 309 333 7778.  It is a lovely space.  We would welcome new members.  We meet the 2nd Wednesday at 6:30 at the PCCC.

Many of us do not hear well including me.  However, I can hear every small sound associated with my home.  I heard a slight hissing sound in the bath room.  Checked the stool, came downstairs and checked the whole house including the basement.  Went outside and checked the water faucets even though it was about midnight.  Nothing.  Finally figured out that there was nothing I could do until morning and went to sleep.  When it was light, I found that one faucet was not turned completely off and there was a tiny stream of water coming from it.  A relief to find the problem-sure wish my hearing was a good when people are speaking.

Have been working on the yard and planting pots of flowers.  Going well except we need rain badly.  Watering pots every day is just not as good as natural rain.  I am picky however; I want rain without storms.

Cleaned my fish ponds as well as I could so went to Pet Supplies Plus in Macomb for gold fish for the ponds.  Bought five fish for each pond and thus far have seen no dead ones and have seen some swimming so all seems to be well.  I have air pumps feeding each pond.  The pumps are in a tub so they do not get wet.  Imagine my surprise when I took the lid off the tub and found two snakes in the tub.  Dumped them out and told them to find a new home.  That has not worked.  Want to say how nice the employees of the pet store are.  You are immediately greeted when you enter the store and everyone is very helpful.

Imagine my surprise when I moved a heavy crock which was sitting on my drive and found another of the same snakes under the crock.  I have no idea how the snake got under the crock or how it survived under there as the bottom of the crock is nearly flat.  Also asked that snake to find a new home.  None of these three snakes are the normal small garter snakes that I am used to seeing.

Finally finished pricing the items from the Thursday auction and put up a new rolling rack to hold plates at the antique store.  Now I need customers.  The Antiques and Collectibles Club is planning to visit my store on Wednesday evening around 7 pm.

We have had some absolutely lovely days and beautiful sunsets.  Hope you took time to enjoy them.  It is now getting hotter but it will officially be summer this week so that can be expected.

Have a good week.  Pray for your neighbors.   Seems like there is a lot of cancer and other illnesses in our communities right now.  Remember to scatter Kindness, Love and Prayer.


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