We Are Community for the week of march 13th

We Are Community 141

The news that Ron Elbe passed away was shared at Living Faith UMC on Sunday morning.  Our sympathy to his family and friends.

Funeral services for Merlin Dorethy were held at the PCCC on Sunday at 2:00 pm.  Visitation was held before the service and a meal was served after. This shows just how important it is for the PCCC to be preserved for use of the community.  The sanctuary was mostly full for the service and the community room was packed for the dinner.  Many people contributed to the dinner and the ladies of the Plymouth Women’s Circle and from the Colchester Methodist Church helped serve the lunch.  We are still waiting for a bid for the removal of the old roof and installation of the new one to come in.  More when we get those figures.

We had a lovely full moon at the first of the week.  Many gray and gloomy days since but just so thankful to live here and not in California.  For years California has dealt with drought and now they are buried under snow and now rain and more rain.  The news reports from California are heart breaking as are the storms in the South and East.  I keep saying we live in “God’s Country” here.

Heard a rhythmic thumping in my kitchen. Could not figure out what was causing the noise so went to investigate.  I have gold bows attached to my back glass door for decoration.  The lowest is about four feet from the floor.  Puff was jumping up and trying to get the bow-over and over and over.  Each time she landed with a thump.  When I got down to the kitchen the next morning, the bow was on the floor near her kitty tower!  Puff won.

I feed kitties on the back porch of my home.  I take the left-over food in at night so as not to attract coons.  There are always a few pieces of food left however and when I see Puff looking at the door, I also check.  Seems a rather cute possum comes every evening to clean up any dropped kitty food.  Don’t mind feeding possums as they are beneficial.

Have always used remanufactured ink cartridges in my printer but have found that they will not work in my new printer.  Suspect HP has gotten wise to my and others scheme for saving a few dollars.

Had a lady stop by the store this week inquiring about a missing kitty.  If I had lost a kitty, I would do the same thing.  I have several new “guests” eating at the store but not the particular one she was looking for.  If you are missing any kitties, I would suggest that you check with me too.  Recent additions are a Himalayan, a large gray and white male cat and a mostly white kitty with a black tail.  Don’t mind feeding them but would like to get them back to their real homes.

A friend messaged me about an auction in Beardstown so I attended on Saturday.  It was held in an old grocery store which appeared to have not been used for a long time.  There was furniture around the room and many tables with smalls mostly in the center.  Immediately noticed a small green and white closed case on a piece of furniture.  Was pretty sure what it contained and observation showed that it was indeed a white featherweight Singer model 221 which is worth a lot of money.  It should have had a place of honor on a table.  Waited for it to sell and moved to that ring when it was coming up.  The auction helper put it in with a couple of worthless fans and the bidding started when some “rat” opened the case to see what was in it.  I bid over $200 and still did not get it.  That is how auctions go!

Hope you have a good week.  My phone says that there will be little sun this week.  I need sun!  My daffodils are showing color but just not warm enough for them to bloom out.  Scatter kindness and love.


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