We Are Community for the week of March 4th, 2024, by Joyce Steiner

We Are Community 192

Tonight, there was a magnificent sunset.  I was driving when the “sweet time” hit so I just pulled over and parked.  It is amazing what a few minutes of just stopping and taking advantage of God’s creation can do for one’s attitude.  That 10-minute time period may be the best part of your day and if you are lucky, you can share it with others because phones have such great cameras these days.

David Kerr lost his long battle with cancer this week.  He battled longer than anyone else I have known.  We taught together at Central.  He did Spoon River one year to sell his books.  We both hit the wound center at MDH a few times together several years ago.  Last time I saw him we had a good chat at Hy-Vee.  Our sympathy to his family and friends.

Heard that Mike Wolfe has passed. If that is true, I may need to change my profile photo on Facebook.

More scams.  Received and email that there were several large charges on my Discover card.  I do not have a Discover card.  The next day There was a problem with my Capital One card.  Checked the email address on that one and it was from a customer at adams.net.  Capital One would not have a local email address.  Never trust anything you get in an email or on messenger.  Scammers are just trying to get your information.

With few auctions, I am delighted when individuals want to sell me things.  I always ask what customers want for their items.  Normally I ask three times in different ways because I do not want to insult anyone.  One must be realistic however.  Asking $350 for some glassware that would not bring $50 at auction is not realistic.  Asking $50 for an iron wind chime that is worth about $5 is not realistic or is $600 for a wooden ironing board in the ball park.  Please continue to call me with items you wish to sell but also know that I have to be able to mark them up to pay my Ameren and insurance bills.  I love what I do and I love my customers and I do not want to hurt any feelings.

Was riding my bicycle around Plymouth this week.  Was absolutely amazed at the number of vacant houses which are beyond repair.  I had no idea there were so many.  Guess people just pass on or move on and the houses are no longer cared for and are left to rot down.  There should be some way to prevent this.  I know there is a housing shortage in Plymouth because we have several people living in campers.  Do not know if this is a local problem or is wider spread.

Seldom eat fast food but sometimes there is little choice.  Stopped at a local Hardees not long ago.  Ordered a $5.99 meal deal.  The nice lady said that would be $7.39.  I responded “that was not correct”.  She responded that it must be the tax.  I explained that tax was only 6.25%.  Think there is a real math problem with many of our youth.  I believe she hit the wrong icon but she never said sorry or anything.

Got a rotisserie chicken at Sams.  Ate the dark meat and made the white meat into chicken salad.  It was absolutely great.  Put the chicken, some green onions, tops and all, some sweet pickles and juice and honey mustard dressing in the food processor.  You just keep adding dressing and pickle juice until you get the consistency which you like.  It was really good and from now on I will probably leave out the celery and other things which I often put in chicken salad.

Have a great week.  Please take time to enjoy the beautiful sunsets.  (and for you early risers) the sun rises!  Tell those around you just how much you appreciate them.  Scatter Kindness and Love.

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