We Are Community for the week of Nov. 21st, 2022, by Joyce Steiner

We Are Community 124

Our sympathy to the families of Betty Johnson of Rushville and Steve Campbell of Bowen.  Betty passed away on November 10th and was buried in the Plymouth cemetery.

My bedroom is on the second floor and has windows on three sides.  This week the moon peeked in my window and was so very pretty.  Appreciate Nature’s gifts.

Probably the big news this week was the first measurable snow.  I was glad to see it go away quickly.  Where did that childlike wonder of snow go?

Being passable at math is a good thing though I am not sure everyone would agree.  Was in Aldi’s this week and noticed they had a sign for cabbage at $1.95 per head.  Knew that was a bit unusual as they generally have it priced by the pound.  When I went around the corner, it was indeed 75 cents per pound.  Picked up a really nice fat head and when I checked out told the cashier that the sign said $1.95 per head.  She asked the manager who promptly went and removed that sign.  Will be having some nice cabbage steamed with butter this week and maybe some vegetable soup.  Just in case you are wondering, the head would have been $3.75 at the per pound price.

One is never too old to learn something new.  Don’t bake cookies often but when I do, I go all out.  As we had a bazaar this week, I cranked up the cookie factory.  I have an oatmeal, chocolate chip, cocoanut recipe which I like.  Doubled the recipe.  I have three cookie sheets so have to empty them and refill them.  I have always sprayed the sheets so the cookies would not stick and then had to take each cookie off and scrape the sheet before refilling it.  I discovered parchment paper.  No greasing.  One can just slide off the parchment paper with the cookies on it and put another piece of paper on the sheet and refill it before the cookie sheet even gets cool.  Faster, cleaner, easier!

For the first time ever, I had no hunters at the B and B for shot gun season.  I did have reservations, they just did not come.  Most years I am booked a year ahead.  When I texted to ask if they were coming, was told that work had interfered.  Suspect there was a happy deer or two.

If you don’t have a carbon monoxide detector, get one.  Just this week, friends in Nauvoo had one go off and it probably saved a family from being very ill or worse.

We had a bazaar to benefit the Plymouth Women’s Circle Community Center on Saturday.  We had not had one for a couple of years and were very happy when Cindy Smith, Janice Diseron and Jeanne Biswell said that they had a lot of craft items they would like to donate to the building.  They went all out and fixed soup also.  We added a lot of baked goods so there was a huge selection of items for sale.  Would like to thank everyone who supported the effort for the PCCC.  Thanks to all who crafted, baked, cooked, helped and came and purchased items.  It was a successful day, thanks.

Paul and Jane Moody, from Quincy, stopped by the store this week.  They are deeply involved in keeping the memory of one room schools alive.  They give programs on one room schools and buy things related to them.  The found a set of reading books form the 1930s at Plymouth Rock and were pleased.  I was pleased that the readers found a new life.  They were from the Pete and Otis Henry family.

It is the week of Thanksgiving.  At church this morning we were asked for the one thing we were most thankful for.  That is a difficult question because so many things are important like good health, family, living in a free country and so much more.  After pondering the question for a while, I decided I was most thankful for friends.  Being a widow with very little family, I am grateful for friends!  I really appreciate the daily texts which I receive.  One does not need a huge circle of friends but I am grateful for the good people who are in my life.

What are you thankful for?  Thank God for your blessings this Thanksgiving week and every week.  Scatter kindness and love.

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