We Are Community for the week of Sept 25th, 2023, by Joyce Steiner

We Are Community 169

Well, my career as a burglar is probably over.  Had to sign a legal document at the bank and they took my thumb print!  Noticed that there were a lot of other thumb prints in the book so crime should be down in the area.

Was in Quincy to visit a friend in the hospital and went to Aldi.  Eggs were 80 cents a dozen.  Now I use very few eggs and I already had two dozen but who can pass up a bargain like a dozen eggs for 80 cents.

Was absolutely amazed at the price of gas in Quincy.  It was 4.16 at Sams and Sams is cheap compared to the rest of the town.  Gas in Macomb was 3.74 at that time and is cheaper than that now.  One knows there is some price gouging going on when there is that much difference in a 70-mile range.

I love my smart phone.  I use it all the time for Facebook, weather, mail and more.  I do not download a lot of apps because I don’t play games etc. on my phone.  Imagine my surprise on Wednesday morning when I picked up my phone and found about 20 apps which I had not downloaded and did not want.  I very patiently touched each one and uninstalled the app.  Asked a friend how that could happen and he thought that U S Cellular sometimes adds apps for you.  Not pleased.

On Thursday I attended the annual meeting of the Hancock County Economic Development group.  It is surprising what is going on in our county and outside it for that matter.  We also have members from McDonough County.  One of the main pushes for this year has been broadband for everyone in Hancock County.  This always interests me because Plymouth has had broadband for many years thanks to Adams.  We are fortunate and sometimes do not realize it.

Christmas has come to Walmart!  When I stopped by this week all the Christmas decorations were out.  There are lots and lots of lights, trees and decorations.  Need to buy more lights for the gazebo before they sellout of the kind I like.  I leave them up on the gazebo all year and normally have them lighted but turned them off this year because I did not have spare sets.

Now have two van loads of things at the Red Brick School in Smithfield for the Spoon River Drive.  The drive is later than usual because October comes in on Sunday and the Drive is the first two full weekends of October so it is Oct 7 and 8 and 14 and 15.  Please come to see me and enjoy the great home-made chicken and noodles, pie, cake and more.  They make over a thousand apple dumplings.

I learned this week that chicken and noodles do not do well in the slow cooker.  I have cooked noodles in it before but I guess not for 6 hours.  The noodles turned to mush and the kitties or my possum wouldn’t even eat them.

Plymouth Circle met on Wednesday evening at the PCCC.  Now that we have the new roof on, there is much work that needs to be done.  There is a lot of plaster damage because of the roof which now needs to be fixed as well as a new furnace being needed for the sanctuary.  We got a nice donation for the furnace but will need lots more donations for all the needed repairs.

I do hope you have a good week.  The weather is so nice even though we need rain badly.  Am sure the farmers are ok with no rain as the crops are coming out very rapidly.  Look out for farm equipment and trucks hauling grain on the roads.  Scatter love and kindness to those you meet this week.  Both are so sorely needed.

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