Antique Store

Antique Store

The first building housing Plymouth Rock Antiques was built by Henry Grandville Metzger in 1888 as his bank and is located on the west side of the village square. We restored the building in 1982 and opened our store. Since then we have purchased two more buildings and filled them with antiques. Our large store is open from noon to 5:00 PM Tuesday through Saturday. You may call 309-333-7778 to arrange special shopping hours.

Since the leap from teaching physics and math and the automobile business to buying and selling antiques required a lot of retraining, we became interested in books on antiques and collectibles. This collection of books and price guides has grown into one of our major lines. We now carry over 1000 price guides on antiques and collectibles in stock which cover all areas of antique collecting.
You will find a wide variety of nautical and fishing collectibles from New England, Canada and the Midwest. Lobster traps, life rings, fishing floats, rods and reels, fishing creels, Indian pack baskets, snow shoes, fish decoys, wooden fish and more fill one of our rooms.
We also carry a wide variety of wooden items. Pantry boxes and firkins from the East may be found in Plymouth, IL. There is a wide selection of wooden bowls, buckets, boxes, chicken crates, baskets, chicken houses, grain measures, flails, paddles, corn planters and all other sorts of wooden items filling our shelves and aisles..
Joyce is presently on the Board of Directors of the Collectors of Illinois Pottery and Stoneware and this interest has resulted in a large selection of pottery and stoneware for sale in our shop. We specialize in local pottery but also have some from the East. You will find a large selection of stone jars, crocks, bowls, pitchers, salt crocks, butter bowls and more.
The old bank vault is filled with kitchen collectibles such as irons, trivets, noodle cutters, utensils, ice tongs, and all those interesting antique kitchen items.
Our inventory is constantly changing and it includes jewelry, toys, hat stands, linens, doilies, pillowcases, quilts, vintage clothing and items far too numerous to list.

We also have one whole store building devoted to furniture. You will find lots of walnut and cherry furniture from the Midwest at Plymouth Rock. There is a large selection of cupboards, wardrobes, chairs, tables, beds, chests, benches, dressers, couches, one-drawer tables and desks as well as wicker and other furniture. We especially like country and primitive pieces.

Please call me, Joyce Steiner, at 309-458-6444 or drop me an email at and tell me what antique or collectible that you are looking for as we may have it in stock or be able to find it for you. Although we have over 1000 price guides on antiques and collectibles in stock, we can also special order a book and easily ship it to you.

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