Plymouth Area News for the week of April 23rd, 2018 by Joyce Steiner

Sunday it was like a gathering of the nice people at KD’s Coop for lunch.  Gerald and Ella Mae Waddill, Mimi Lawton, the Rigsbees, John Henson, Mary Hohe, Tom Weinberg, Susan Conlan, Jeff Denny and his wife, J R and Michelle Ringenberger, Jeff and Terri Tobias and I am sure more were all eating there. 
 Susan Conlan lived in our farmhouse after my folks moved to Plymouth while she cared for her sister.  She also lived at Vishnu for a time if I remember correctly.  It was so nice to see her.  She mentioned that she would be in Eminence, Mo where she rides horses and canoes.  Just might have to go visit!
Monday was guest day at Plymouth Rock Antiques.  Was nice to see Nicole and Curtis Baldwin and Dylan and Kayla McCurdy.  There was also a former student there who I did not recognize until I asked for his name to put  on a ticket.  It is always interesting to see the fine adults that former students have become.
Tuesday the nation mourned the loss of First Lady Barbara Bush.  She was a truly classy person.  Our nation needs more persons of quality like her to look up to.  She will be missed.
Thursday we had seven for Bible study.  Mary Hohe brought wonderful apple fritters.  Thanks Mary.
It is so easy to lay on the bed and read during the winter so I actually look forward to the grass growing in the spring so that I can get out and mow.  Hate to just walk or ride the exercise bike for exercise but don’t mind walking behind the mower which does give me that much needed exercise.  Everything I read mentions that exercise is as good as medication for most of what ails us.  Also eating right and adding a lot of fruit helps.  I have blueberries in the frig most always as they are particularly filled with health benefits and I figure I would rather spend money on blueberries than medicine. 
Friday I made a quick trip to Macomb for groceries and dinner at the Chinese Buffet.  Always see people I know when I eat there. 
Saturday the Old Settler’s Committee had a matador fund raiser at the PCCC.  They are getting really good at making matadors!  If you have lived in Plymouth for a while, you will remember that Gary and Annie Miller served them at Annie’s Place.
The Hancock County Historic Society met on Saturday evening at the Senior Center in Carthage.  John Hallwas spoke on a gentleman from Hancock County.  Dr. Hallwas is an excellent speaker and learning more about our area is always great.  He has also written many books about this part of Illinois including the “Bootlegger” and “Cultures in Conflict”.  The former is about Kelly Wagle from Colchester and the latter about the Mormons in Nauvoo.  Both interesting reads.
I think spring might really be here.  There was a procession of ants marching across my counter top to the cat food crock this morning.  I just bring out a container of Tarro and cut the end off.  This usually solves the problem.
Sunday brought church.  Good to see everyone. 
Our small area has lost so many people lately.  Also there is quite a bit of sickness and those having tests or going to the hospital for procedures.  Please keep all these people in your prayers.
Have a good week.  Try to remember that it is just as easy to be nice to people as it is to be unkind to them.  Scatter Kindness.
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