Plymouth Area News for the week of April 2nd, 2018 by Joyce Steiner

Mother Nature is having a great April Fools joke.  It has been snowing for about five  hours now and we have a good five inches of snow on the ground with no sign of it letting up.  Hope the snow protects my daffodils and Lenten Roses from the freezing cold.
Today is Easter.  We had a sunrise service at Living Faith at 6:30 am.  That was just before sun rise as it was nearly beginning to rise as I drove into the church parking lot.  After the sunrise service, the men of the church served a wonderful breakfast to all those present.  It was great as usual.  Biscuits, gravy, eggs, bacon, sausage, fresh fruit, home made cinnamon rolls and probably more.  Thank you to all who prepared the meal for us.  Know that your efforts were appreciated.  The regular service was at 9 am so that there was not such a long wait between services.  Pastor Sheri, how about backing up the sunrise service next year instead of moving up the regular service!! 
The memorials to the church for Jean O’Neal and John Phillips are greatly appreciated.  Thank You.
Has been an interesting week.  Unloaded from the Paris show for a couple of days.  Took my volumes of tax information to John Dittmer on Tuesday morning.  That should provide hours of fun for him.
Took Ed Newton to the Hotel Nauvoo on Wednesday to celebrate his birthday.  Found the cinnamon rolls had moved to the dessert table in a warmer.  That is a really good idea.  Great food as always.  Happy Birthday Ed.
My first cousin, Carol Hilton, lives in Pipe Creek, Texas.  She and her son, Tod Hilton, arrived late Wednesday evening for a visit-it was not long enough!  On Thursday morning they went to cemeteries in the area as Tod is researching his family which includes my family on one side.  We went to the Buss Stop for chicken livers on Thursday evening, well Carol and I did.  Tod does not seem fond of chicken livers. 
 Friday morning was very exciting.  I knew that there was a cemetery in the Argyle Lake State Park.  Friends of my parents had given us a hand drawn map of how to get there.  I never tried it and have probably even lost the map.  I had a Bible belonging to Black Jack which was passed down from my grandmother Welch and I knew that Black Jack was buried in that cemetery.  I did not know that my great great grandmother and father were buried there as well as my great great great grandmother and 4 greats grandfather.  One of my great grandmothers is also buried in this cemetery.  Have lots of relatives on mother’s side buried in the cemetery at the Argyle church also.   Not only related to the Welch’s but also to the McCord’s and Willard’s.   It is obvious by looking at the stones that family names were passed down. 
We all went to the Hotel Nauvoo on Friday evening.  Yep, twice in one week!  Great place to take visitors as it is always dependable.
Had another guest arrive on Friday evening after she mistook the Pastor Taylor’s home for mine.  They tried to see that she got here safely.  Thanks Taylors!
Carol and Tod flew out Saturday morning but my other guest stayed until Sunday morning.  Price Harry is going to be lonely tonight.
Had several good days at the store this week.  There seemed to be a lot of out of town guests in Plymouth.  They all comment on the condition of our Village.  Hope we can all begin to work together to get it cleaned up-looks pretty bad right now.
Well hope you had a good Easter.  Hope you think on the real meaning of the day and not on the Easter bunny.  Have a good week.  “Enjoy” the snow.  Pray for your neighbors.  There is a lot of illness and loss.  Scatter Kindness.
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