Plymouth Area News for the week of April 6th, 2020, by Joyce Steiner


I wondered how the news media in Quincy learned about two large parties in the Quincy Area.  Then came the news that a third person had a positive test and he was in the hospital with the virus.  It came out that he was in his 20’s and had attended both parties.  The puzzle pieces fell into place.  Many young people feel that they are invincible and probably rightly that they are.  But what about the parents or grandparents that he went home to.  Are they too invincible?  It is  a difficult time for all of us  but we must consider how our actions affect not only ourselves but those we come in contact with.

One of my hunters, that has stayed here for years, asked if he could come down and hunt for sheds.  I said yes.  Then I thought again.  I am not here alone.  I have a long term guest.  It is not really fair to her for me to have another guest who both works in a hospital but is also from Michigan where there is a lot of the virus.  So I texted my great sorrow but suggested that they stay in a hotel instead of my home.  Who knows if I did the right thing-I don’t!

Have been cleaning out the kitty houses and have moved the Royal Family to their summer home.  Put a fresh straw lined box in their attic sleeping quarters just in case it was too chilly for them.  Have noticed that they are spending a lot of time in their sleeping loft.  Also cleaned the other kitty house and moved the kitties who have been sleeping in my garage to the other  house.  That way they get more fresh air and my garage does not have a half dozen litter boxes being used in it!

Neglected to mention the passing of Frank Avise of Augusta.  He passed on March 25th.  He had been fire chief in Augusta and was the brother of Kevin Avise of Bowen.  Our sympathy to his friends and family.

Also another class mate of mine passed.  Ellen Kost of Fandon passed away on March 30th.  Our class was the largest to graduate from Colchester High School.  We had 57 graduate.  We have lost a large portion of that number.

Wednesday there were ambulances  and a helicopter in town about 10 pm.  Now think it must have been related to a side by side accident which I read about in the Quincy paper.  The person driving the vehicle was air lifted to Peoria but it indicated that his injuries were not life threatening.

I normally go to the antique store every day to feed the ferals and to putter.  On Thursday a car pulled up and a lady came to the door to ask if I was open.  Though it would have been easy to say yes as there would have been only two people in the store, I said no.  I feel that is the right thing to do as that is what the state mandate says.  It is not fair to expect the bars and restaurants to be closed and then have an antique store open.  Later the same day, another person called to ask if I was open.  Same answer.

Went to Macomb on Friday morning to get groceries.  Made only one stop.  Aldi’s was out of toilet paper again.  This week, I put the last of my flour in the cannister and now I am seeing on Facebook that there is no flour available either.  I cannot quite wrap my mind around people hoarding TP and flour and other things.  There is no shortage of groceries.  Why not let other people have what they need.  There was a cartoon  saying that it was the year 2050 and that “John just used the last of the TP his parents bought in 2020”.  Cute but too true.

Noticed in the paper that Rudy was in the hospital.  I am sure we all wish him well and a complete recovery.

Also noticed in the paper that electric and water customers would not be shut off for nonpayment during this crisis.  That does not mean that the bills will not eventually have to be paid.  One does not pay a bill because you don’t want to have your utilities shut off.  One pays their bills because one has used the service and that service costs money.  Bills must be paid for that service to continue to be offered.  Those people also threatening a rent strike have the same problem.  Some one has to pay for the home they are living in.  If they do not pay rent, that leaves the owner unable to pay the mortgage and the utilities.  I know these are trying times but all should consider the consequences of their own actions.

On Saturday, I went to see the wind generators again.  For all of you wondering, I did not get out of the car or talk to anyone!!  They were all working except for two.  They were turning rather slowly probably because there was little wind.   I sat with the windows down so I could hear them as they turned.  There was just a small sound and a sort of groan every so often.  I did not find the sounds offensive at all.

Our pastor is using YouTube for her sermons and the children’s sermons also.  Think that is great.  I was checking Facebook this morning when I also came across Pastor Linkenfelter’s message being live streamed on Facebook.  It is good that our pastors are being inventive to continue to “feed their flocks”.  We all need this support, not just at this time but all the time.

I often use a quote from John Wesley, “Do good, do no harm, stay in love with God”.  Please look at the second part of this quote and consider it carefully in this trying time.


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