Plymouth Area News for the week of August 17th, 2015

Plymouth Area News by Joyce Steiner
Last Sunday Plymouth saw 3 inches of rain.  Amounts varied around the area.  It was raining very hard early Sunday morning then tapered off.
Tuesday K 9 Nose Works returned to Plymouth.  Saw lots of cars parked on the east side of the Plymouth Square.  According to a face book post, there were at least ten teams from around the US participating in the week long event.  The group planned to be back in Plymouth today, Sunday.
Wednesday, Plymouth Women’s Circle met at the Plymouth Circle Community Center to plan for our food stand at Plymouth Old Settlers.  The Women’s Circle will be serving home made pie, cake and chocolate and vanilla ice cream on Saturday, August 29th from their stand on the east side of the Plymouth Park.  All proceeds will be used to support the Plymouth Circle Community Center located just west of the Plymouth Square.
Wednesday a meteor shower was promised so I took my lawn chair into the yard and settled in it from 11:30 pm to 12:20 am.  I was rewarded with seeing 13 shooting stars during that time.  Four of them were the great ones that flame across the sky.  The others were “just average”.  Glad I went out as it was a lovely evening.
Thursday several people came together to clean the Community Center on the East Side of the Plymouth Square.  The ice cream machine was also cleaned and filled and it produced really good ice cream.  Thanks to all who helped including Kim and Doren Drake, Kevin and Carolyn Bullard, Jim and Wendi Mattson, Dylan McCurdy, Jamie Lamb, Brian Cook, Goldie Wimsatt, Dennis and Brian Hilliard, Rickey Goldizen and Joyce Steiner.
Learned that Mel Dorothy has been chosen as grand marshal of the 2015 Plymouth Old Settlers Celebration.  This is an excellent choice.  No one works harder for the good of Plymouth and all its citizens.  Congratulations Mel.
Went to the bank in Bowen to sign a signature card on Thursday morning.  Lovely building with a beautiful lobby which is open and has many employees working there.  Many cars in the parking lot too.  I was impressed with the building and the people.
Friday I was mowing my yard-I use a push mower to get exercise.  A lady was walking up the street and noticed that I had a second mower in my garage.  She asked if it worked and then got it out and helped me mow for quite a long time.  Thank you Chris.  It was an unexpected honor to have you help me.  This is part of what  I want for “Plymouth Pride” to be.  People helping other people, residents keeping their lawns, and ditches, mowed, people being proud to say they are from Plymouth where people are friendly, nice, help  each other and look out for their neighbors.
Took off for 3rd Sunday Market at Bloomington on Saturday morning.  Was an adventure trying to get there.  The first hurdle was in Pekin where streets were blocked off due to a water main break and I had to take a detour.  After I got just east of Pekin, highway 9 was closed due to a coming funeral procession.  I was directed north of highway 9.  I took the first main road going east and eventually tried to take a black top going south to get me back on 9.  I could actually see 9 when I spotted a huge flat bed completely blocking the road.  They were trying to load a very large piece of heavy equipment on to the flat bed.  Just parked and shut off my car because I knew it was going to be a while!  When I finally got to 3rd Sunday Market, my niece thought I had forgotten as I was an hour late.  I just explained all my detours.
The show started off great on Sunday morning and I thought we would have a wonderful show.  Not to be.  Things slowed down too quickly.  Still a good day, selling, talking to friends and enjoying good food.
Hope you had a good week too.  Pray for peace and for your neighbors.  Scatter Kindness.
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