Plymouth Area News for the week of December 21st, 2015 by Joyce Steiner

Plymouth Women’s Forum met on Monday evening at the PCCC.  Dinner was provided by Pam Miler and Carol Moon.  A musical presentation was given by the Borntrager Family.  Thanks for dinner and the goodies.
Retired teachers in Hancock County have only one option for health insurance and that is United Health Care.  Actually the company seems pretty good and have a lot of programs to help one stay well.  One of them is “house calls” where a nurse comes to your home to collect your health history.  Nancy Blentlinger came to my home on Tuesday to get me enrolled in the program.
Wednesday I took off for Quincy to stock up my antique mall booth and to visit with Mary Thoreson.  She is the mother of Garwwod Thoreson who was killed at the intersection with 336 a few years ago.  Her mother, Hazel Miltenberger, was a good friend to Ben and me.  Hazel spend many Christmases with us.  Any way, Mary is moving to Florida to live with one of her daughters on December 23rd  and wanted one of Hazel’s paintings which I was glad to give her.  Mary gave me a lovely painting which she had done.  Mary and Hazel both used to live in Augusta and I am sure many people in the area will remember them.
Our world is in such a mess.  If we listen to the news or read the paper, things look pretty depressing.  Let me tell you about my Saturday.  Sullivan and Son had an auction.  It was a great auction with many items I could use for the store.  There are always a lot of friends at these auctions so they are fun to attend.  I bought a van full and a large oak table that would not fit in my van.  At the end of the auction, I asked Mike Sullivan if someone could deliver the oak table to my store.  It was loaded and ready to go with in five minutes.  Kyle Kelso brought over the table for me and backed up to Antiques II.  At this pint he decided he liked the table and bought it.  When he came into the other store, he found a couple more items he liked and got those too.  While he was there, Mike Sullivan stopped in to see if we needed help unloading the table.  Now that is what I call good service and people going out of their way to be helpful.  After we closed the store, I went to the local restaurant to eat.  Saw a gentleman who was on the school board while I taught at Central.  He asked me to sit with him and at the end of the meal, he said that he tries to do something for at least one person each day.  He told me that I was the recipient of that days “good deed” and he bought my supper.  That was a very kind thing to do and a wonderful idea to live by.  Just think- if everyone did at least one thoughtful thing for someone  every day, what a positive impact we could have.  Later another friend came and sat with me while we finished eating and while we were there, I got a phone call from another friend checking to see if I was OK as they had expected me to be at their home too.  A good day is going to an auction, seeing friends and having people be especially kind and helpful and checking on me.
.Tis the season of Christmas 2015.  It would be wonderful if somehow this kind, helpful, caring attitude could go viral.  Unfortunately we cannot change the world but we can change our little corner of the world.  I am going to try to do something nice for someone each day too like was done for me on Saturday.  Today I gave the pastor’s wife some goodies for bags they are making for small gifts for people.  Wonder what will come up tomorrow.  Have a great Christmas and Scatter Kindness then go one step farther, pay it forward with a special kindness to someone each day.  What a difference we could make in our small communities.  May 2016 be filled with health and happiness of each of us.
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