Plymouth Area News for the week of February 5th, 2018 by Joyce Steiner

Usually watch the Super Bowl for the ads,  but this year the game was much better than the ads.  One normally cheers for the under dog.  Since the under dogs were coached by a gentleman who had coached high school foot ball as recently as six years ago, that was another reason to support them.  None of the ads had the Budweiser horses in them and there were no cute and cuddly puppies. It was difficult to tell who was the sponsor of the ads in some cases.  Tide detergent must be losing customers because they had several ads during the game.  Anyway, the game was great but I spent way too much time laying on the bed.
After the Super Bowl, we learned a great deal about what happened in the popular TV show “This Is Us”.  Since there had been a lot of trailers, we had a pretty good idea what had happened but now we know for sure.
For years, I have gone to cold dark corn fields and dark country lanes at really strange hours.  Usually I was disappointed because the eclipse or the meteor shower which I went out to see either did not happen or clouds covered the event.  This week we had a really special lunar event.  We had a blue moon, second full moon in a month, a super moon, closest to the earth, and a total eclipse, a blood moon, all in one night.  Now that was an event not to be missed.  I finally figured it out.  I stayed in my warm bed.  At 4:30 am, I got the TV control and turned to the NASA channel.  From 4:30 until 7:30 I was able to watch the whole lunar phenomena.  NASA broadcast from Arizona, California and Hawaii.  If clouds started to cover the moon, they just switched to another observatory.  It was wonderful!!  So very much better than even going out with one of my telescopes.  Thank you NASA.
Visited with Dorothy Torok on Monday.  Please keep her and her family in your prayers.
As I attended three days of auctions in the previous weeks, I finished unloading the Caravan on Tuesday and think I finally got everything priced at the antique store.  The furniture store building is really packed but there are some great “new” things there.  Happen to need a slave cradle or a treadle sewing machine with feet shaped treadles.  How about an oak or walnut chest of drawers.
Normally I stop and watch the “State of the Union”  address and this year was no exception.  I will stop there as I do not think much is accomplished by discussing politics.
On Wednesday, friends Dave and Debbie Hays from Mexico, MO came to the antique store to pick up a piece of stoneware.  It was a plant 6 jug from Clinton, Missouri.  Had never had a plant 6 jug before.  If you want to know more about just what that means, come to one of my presentations.  Have given them to many groups in the area, the most recent being for the Colchester Historical Society.  Am scheduled to speak to the Hancock County Retired Teachers this spring.
Had a new customer  come in on Thursday and buy many pictures.  He brought his wife and came back on Saturday.  Thank You.
Had a wooden bowl about 6 feet long which found a new home on Friday.  Have never seen such a large wooden bowl and I will miss it but glad that it has a “forever” home. 
Read in the news that Georgia Owen passed away this week.  She and her husband pastored at the St. Mary’s church.  They then moved to Carthage. They were really nice people.  They will be missed.
Please pray for all those who have lost family and friends.  Seems like there have been so many.  Also pray for those who are ill.  I keep hearing that the flu is very serious this year and is in our area.  Pastor Sheri was ill today and Cathy Holst filed in for her.
Scatter Kindness.
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