Plymouth Area News for the week of July 11th, 2016 by Joyce Steiner

Interesting week. 
 I went to Wal-Mart this week and purchased 12 items.  I usually have a pretty good idea of the amount I am spending so when the total popped up, I was surprised.  Looked at my bill.  I had two bags of cat food and was charged for three.  I had two plants and was charged for three.  Makes quite a bit of difference on the bottom line.  If your bill anywhere seems higher than you think it should be, check your receipt. 
Monday was the nation’s birthday.  I normally go to the parade in Carthage then go to the fire works in Macomb.  Forgot all about the parade but did go to the fireworks.  Usually the Macomb fireworks are held near Hanson Field and people sit in the bleachers to watch them.  This year Hanson Field was not open.  The stage for the entertainment was set up in the southwest corner of Q lot.  People brought lawn chairs.  There was a band from Havana who entertained and then the Macomb municipal band performed.  Both were good.  After the entertainment everyone just turned their chairs around to watch the fire works.  Sara Wood, a friend from Macomb, and I enjoyed the evening.
Ran into Macomb to pick up fruit for the 2nd Saturday Breakfast and found that there were three of us from Plymouth in line at the same time.  What are the chances of that happening?  Was good to see Mary Ruth Phillips and Sally McPherson.
The long awaited production of the Bootlegger premiered this week.  It is based on the book “The Bootlegger” by John Hallwas.  The Bootlegger is the story of Killy Wagle from Colchester.  It is not a movie as I expected but is rather a well done documentary.  It was really interesting to watch as I recognized many of the people and the places.  I signed up for a copy of a DVD which is to be released later this fall.  The Bootlegger will be shown at the Forum in Macomb next weekend.
Attended Sullivan and Son Auction on Friday.  As always it was an interesting auction and I got some things for the store.
The 2nd Saturday Breakfast was on Saturday.  We appreciated the two extra donations which we received.
Before I could get home from the breakfast, I got a call to open the store so left the house at 6 am and did not get home until 7:30 pm.  Had to have a pizza at the Brick Wall before I came home.  Tried bacon this week.  Am going through the menu and trying each kind.  Good pizza!
Had a Bed and Breakfast guest here this week looking for family history.  I told him a bit about my home and asked if he would be interested in looking at the plan book which includes my home.  It was at that point that I learned he was a former architect  and that he was VERY interested in the Payne plan book.  Nice gentleman.  He joined us for breakfast at the Community Center.
The Living Faith United Methodist Church sponsored a ladies tea on Friday evening.  I gave a presentation on antiques and invited others to bring along a favorite collectible.  The food was just great and I think everyone enjoyed the evening.
As I drove passed my home this morning on the way to church, I found that a huge limb was laying on my walk.  Though it is as big as a tree, the limb seems to have missed not only my home but also my sign and my light pole.  Thank you Lord!
There is be a “Save the Community Center” meeting on Wednesday, July 20th at 7 pm at the Community Center.  Please come with ideas for saving the Center.  It is going to require a lot of time and money commitment from the entire community and others interested in saving a large piece of Plymouth heritage.
Hope  you have a good week.  Scatter Kindness.  Kindness really seems to be in short supply these days and we can change that one person at a time.
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