Plymouth Area News for the week of July 16th, 2018 by Joyce Steiner

Got some LED lights at Wal-Mart.  They are shaped like a shop light but have no bulbs.  I remember studying light emitting diodes when in college.  Think they may have hit the store shelf.  When I went back to get another one for my laundry room, they were out but said they expected more by the 19th.  Really interesting as they were inexpensive and one never has to change a bulb in them!
The West Central Chapter of IEA-R had a planning meeting at HyVee on Tuesday evening.  We planned the meetings for the year with two being held in Rushville and two in Macomb.  If you are a retired teacher who belonged to the IEA, just let me know and I will give you the particulars of the meetings.  We would love to have you.
Wednesday I took two  kitties, that people have dumped uptown in Plymouth, to the vet to get them neutered and their shots.  It is surprisingly expensive but we do not need more feral cats populating Plymouth.  It would be really nice if people took care of their own pets instead of dumping them for someone else to care for or for a coyote’s lunch.  Plan to make Smokey a “store kitty”.  He is really sweet.
Thursday after I picked up the kitties, went to a Vacation Bible School planning meeting.  Living Faith United Methodist Church will have Bible School the week of August 6-10th.  It will be in the evening with supper provided.  There will also be bus service in Augusta, Plymouth I think West Point.  More later.  The back pack pick up will be on Sunday August 5th.  Back packs and school supplies will be available for all students in the Southeastern School District.  More later.
Had three sisters come to stay at the B&B on Thursday evening.  Only problem was that one of them was deathly afraid of kitties and Prince Harry just did not understand that.  “How could any one not love me?” he asked.
Friday I had a call to come to the store early.  Always glad to do that if I am home. 
Saturday morning I took off for 3rd Sunday Market at Bloomington.  Got there and got set up.  Had a good sale on Saturday and another good sale when I walked into my booth on Sunday morning.  Was looking forward to having a great show, then my sales just died.  Was very happy to see Kay and Graham Curtis at the show.  They are good friends who we  met because of the antiques business.  Kay has been quite ill and it took several visits to the emergency room and to various hospitals to figure out that it was a medication and partly a shortage of potassium problem.  It was very serious and had not been caught by several doctors.  That is pretty scary.  I recall that Dorothy Torok had the same potassium shortage.  Eat those bananas!
Had a call while I was in Bloomington for a room for tonight so made a bed when I got home from 3rd Sunday.  Lovely lady from Indiana.
If you are concerned about all the store closings, you might want to rethink all your internet buying.  There is a correlation.
Have a great week.  Scatter Kindness.
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