Plymouth Area News for the week of June 4th by Joyce Steiner

Freddie Hoelscher’s obituary was in the paper this week and his services are on Friday.  Will not be able to attend and am very sorry.  I feed his kitty, Charlie, and it is very sad when his dog comes to town looking for him.  The dog just lays in front of his building waiting for him to return.
Had a great event at church this morning.  Lucas and Nora Clampitt were baptized in the church and their parents, Max and Sadie Clampitt became members of Living Faith.  The Clampitts also served lunch for everyone after services.  Welcome and thank you for lunch.  It was appreciated.
Monday was Memorial Day.  Took silk flowers to the graves at Argyle and Colchester.  Just did not get to Macomb or to Missouri to the Gentry family graves.  We all have 24 hours per day but sometimes there are just not enough hours to get everything done.  Appreciated the service held by the Legion members on the Plymouth Square on Monday.  Also appreciated that they invited everyone to their pot luck.  Thank You.
Would like to thank those who bring aluminum cans to the antique store for the community center.  Last load brought over $76.  They are appreciated.
As you may have noticed, I had the antique store fronts painted.  Also have gotten the planters filled with sweet potato vines and flowers.  The bank had their planters filled with petunias this week.  Love the tall purple plant used as an accent.  I think Garret Van Beck did them and they are just lovely.  We all need to help make what is left of our Square look as good as it can!
Have not sat through a double feature since we used to go and watch Elvis movies at the Macomb theater, but did today.  I wanted to see both “Solo” and the “Book Club”.  “Solo” started at 1:15 as did the “Book Club”.  Decided to go see “Solo”.  It got out at about 3:45 and the “Book Club” started at 4:05 so just went back into the theater and bought another ticket.  I liked the young man who played Solo.  No one can replace Harrison Ford but really liked the attitude of this man.  I have seen most of the films when they came out-yes I am old!  Liked it when the villains were in black and it was easier to keep track of who  the bad guys were.  Loved the “Book Club”!  That too probably says something about my age.  If you are a “mature” woman, go see the “Book Club”.  It is great.  Features four mature women who have had a book club for many years.  During the time of the movie, they are reading “The Fifty Shades of Gray” series.  The movie has some great lines in it.  Viewers laughed out loud at several places.  It was an uplifting movie in many ways.  Go see it!
We have gotten some much needed rain this week.  Hope you had a good week.  Scatter Kindness-the world really needs it right now and often it seems that Plymouth needs to see a great deal of kindness too.  It is much better to be kind and to help elevate others than it is to step on them to make yourself look taller.
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