Plymouth Area News for the week of June 5th, 2017 by Joyce Steiner

We often think things happen in 3’s but it would seem that is not true in our area. Lately we have lost G. L. Griswold, Wayne Gooding, Audine Jung and Annie Johnson.  It is very sad to lose so many from our small communities.  Annie was a long time resident of Plymouth as was G. L.  Wayne Gooding and Audine Jung were long time residents of Bowen.  These people will be sadly missed by all of us.  Please pray for these families and their friends.
Our Women’s Circle fixed lunch for those attending the Griswold funeral which was held at our Plymouth Circle Community Center on Sunday afternoon.  After lunch Pat and Bev Phelps and I attended the visitation for Audine Jung at Living Faith United Methodist Church in Bowen.  Her funeral is Monday afternoon at the church.
Last Monday, Memorial Day, The Plymouth American Legion had a service on the Plymouth Square.  There was a good attendance for the service.  The Legion invited everyone to join them for a pot luck lunch at the Legion building after the service.  There was a good crowd for the meal also.  I  would like to thank the Legion members for inviting everyone to the lunch.  It was appreciated.
My insurance company, United Health Care, does many things to encourage its members to stay healthy instead of waiting until they are sick to get care.  Some of the benefits which they offer are a free yearly exam, colonoscopies, mammograms, home health visits etc.  They will even give one gift cards if you complete these preventative exams.  Seems like a good plan to me.  Their nurse visited with me on Tuesday.  Thank you United Health Care.
Don’t know how you feel about yogurt.  I am still working on that.  I try new brands and flavors all the time.  Tried Aussi yogurt from Aldi’s last week and loved it.  It comes in a bigger carton with a lid so one does not have to eat the whole thing.  I tried lemon flavor and it was great.  Not as thick as Greek yogurt and smoother.  I hope they continue to carry it.  Often when I find something I like at Aldi’s, it is just a short term product and I am disappointed to no longer be able to get it there.
When I was taking the collection plate back to the alter after church last week, I found a wallet on the floor.  Glad that we all have “our seats” so that I had an idea who sat in that area.  It still took me four phone calls to find the owner.  Glad that I was able to return the lost to its owner.
Sold a china cupboard last week so went to Lowderman’s on Thursday as they had one on the auction.  Bought it and another one too so now I can get some of my glassware displayed neatly instead of stacked as often happens.  When you come to Plymouth Rock Antiques, you will find that I have lots of different items in all price ranges so there is something for everyone.
I have mentioned that I mow with a push mower to get exercise.  Would just as soon accomplish something while I walk.  It is working.  I can tell that I am getting stronger and more stable on my feet.  Body is not perfect but better.  Then comes winter again when it is much more difficult to keep getting the necessary exercise.
Went to Quincy on Wednesday to stock up my booth at the antique mall.  Also found some sweet potato plants for my pots up town.  I saved some through the winter but they were not taking off well so thought some new healthy plants might do better.  Hope they survive.  Also got plants for the rest of my planters uptown and more containers and plants for my patio.  Surprisingly we now need rain and I have to water the pots frequently.
Hope you have a good week.  It is supposed to be warmer and sunny all week.  Scatter kindness.
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