Plymouth Area News for the week of June 6th, 2016 by Joyce Steiner

Many of you know that President Abraham Lincoln had many relatives who lived and died in Hancock County.  A few months ago Harry Miller spoke to the Hancock County Historical Society about Thomas Jefferson Lincoln, a first cousin of the president.  His family had visited several of the cemeteries where Lincoln’s relatives were buried and many of the Lincoln family members do not have head stones.
A fund was started by the Hancock County Historical Society to buy a head stone for Thomas Jefferson Lincoln who is buried in the Majorville Cemetery which is a few miles west of the Cuba corner on the Tennessee-Blandinsville black top.  Today that headstone was dedicated by Harry Miller and the Historic Society.  There was a nice crowd for the celebration at Majorville.  After that dedication was finished, everyone got in their cars and headed for the Webster Cemetery where Emma Margaret Lincoln Nelson, daughter of Thomas Jefferson Lincoln, was buried.  The great grandson of Emma had purchased a headstone for her.   There was a dedication for that stone also.
I was very impressed with the condition of the Majorville cemetery.  Like many country churches and cemeteries, the building is gone but the cemetery remains.  It is in remarkable condition with the stones being in good repair and clean.  I was told that one person gave  money to make the necessary repairs to the stones and the cleaning.  Thanks to the Historical society for undertaking this project.  There are still 28 Lincoln relatives that need grave markers but Thomas Jefferson got one 102 years after his death and his daughter got one 74 years after her death, so there is hope for the rest too. Thank you to the Hancock County Historic Society which is housed at 306 Walnut St. in the Kibbe Museum in Carthage and  are open Mon-Fri from 9-3 except for December. 
The Plymouth American Legion had a Memorial Day ceremony on Monday, May 30th at the Legion building on the west side of the Plymouth Square.  There was a nice crowd for the celebration and for the lunch following it.  Thank you to the Legion for inviting every one to the pot luck lunch.  It was much appreciated.
Tuesday Elaine Ferguson and I attended an Illinois Education Association Retired meeting in Bloomington.  There were members there from a large portion of the state.  Always good to meet with fellow teachers.  There was one lady there who was on the IEA Board when I was.  Nice to see her again.
Thursday Lowderman’s had an auction and Saturday Sullivan And Son had one so it was a good week for buying and seeing friends.  One person was missing at Sullivan and Son’s Auction as a friend and regular auction goer passed away this week.  Our sympathy to the family of Don Weinberg from Quincy.
Had lunch at KD’s Coop Sunday.  They had cherry pie baked inside chocolate cake for dessert.  Different but tasty.
Don’t forget that this Saturday, June 11th is the 2nd Saturday of the month so it is time for the 2nd Saturday Breakfast.  Breakfast will be served from 7-10 am at the Community Center on the east side of the Plymouth Square.  It is very expensive to keep the building open and to pay for the necessary repairs for the building.  Please come and support the Community Center.  Plymouth Pride will be serving biscuits and sausage gravy, meat, potatoes, eggs, pancakes, fresh fruit, cinnamon rolls and beverages for a suggested donation of $5 which will go toward the roof repair.
Congratulations to Brick Wall Pizza, our newest business in Plymouth.  It is open from 4-10 pm on Friday and Saturday.  You may order by calling 309 458 3300.  The pizza is just great.
Hope you have a good week.  Scatter Kindness.
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