Plymouth Area News for the week of June 8th, 2020, by Joyce Steiner


Thanks to Gerald White who brought me milk weed plants.  I promptly planted them and have been watering them faithfully.  Hope they grow so that I can attract some Monarch butterflies.  Have mentioned that this time of virus closings has allowed for a bit slower life style.  The weather has been great and it is so nice to be able to just sit outside  and enjoy the sun, blue sky, birds, kitties and nature in general.  Mentioned that I put fish in all three of my fish ponds.  Still have some fish in each pond.  Yesterday one of my kitties was looking at something in a flower bed.  Turned out to be a green head frog.  I rescued it and put it back in the pond.  It eventually swam away so I don’t think it was hurt, perhaps just trying to go to another place to live.  That probably was not a good idea.  Have four humming birds working my feeders.  There were actually three sitting on it at one time this week.  That is unusual as they seem very territorial -at least here.

Blue stone Solar has been working every day on my solar installation.  It is really coming along.  The panels are up, the trenches dug, the conduit is in the trenches, the wire is in the conduit, inverter is in basement and the conduit is  done in the basement, the sun is shining and we are almost ready to connect to my electricity.  Great things happening!

Last week there was a lot of news about bars and restaurants reopening.  That is good.  What we need to also realize is that there are a lot of small businesses which are not bars or restaurants which are also affected by the closures. Consider Nauvoo which depends on tourists almost for its very existence.  I would guess that there are very few tourists right now.  Then there are all those other small businesses like craft shops, thrift shops, candy stores, antique stores, Christmas stores, Bed and Breakfasts, hotels, ice cream shops, libraries and the list is endless.  They have also suffered and have been closed. My store was closed from in March until the 29th of May.  Though I have reopened for regular hours, noon to 5 pm Tuesday through Saturday, I have had few or no customers each day.   I truly understand this as I am not going out or spending money like I did before the virus scare.  I used to eat out several times a week and now I do not eat out.  I used to go shopping at least a couple of times a week and now I rarely shop more than once every two weeks.  It is going to take a long time for things, and me, to return to normal.  Normally I would be doing antique shows at this time of year.  They have all been cancelled.  Plymouth Old Settlers has been cancelled as have been some of the local fairs.  I guess the point of this rambling is that if possible people need to remember to support all small businesses and large, not just bars and restaurants.

I had a lovely pair of pillowcases.  They were different in that the embroidery was all over the pillow case not just at the end.  They were new but there was a  stain on one.  I soaked it the used peroxide on it and got all the stain out.  I worked on it for several days.  Tossed it in the washer to make sure the peroxide was washed out and the washer ate it.  I am so disappointed.  Don’t recall the washer ever destroying anything before.  Now I have one lovely pillowcase.  Guess I will just put it on my own bed!

I hope you are all doing well.  We pray for peace and a better understanding of each other.  We all have trials, be kind to each other.

Now grab your mask and your check book or credit card and go shopping!


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