Plymouth Area News for the week of March 20th, 2017 by Joyce Steiner

Our sympathy to the family and friends of Barry Howard.  He was originally from Augusta.  He passed away on on Tuesday, March 14th.
Prince Harry did not seem to be himself on Wednesday morning, so after I had just made a  trip to Macomb to pick up my sign, turned around and took him in.  He has had kidney problems in the past and I hate to take chances with his health.  He is home and feeling better but he did complain about missing Bible study on Thursday Morning.
Was sitting at the computer on Monday evening when it sounded like a large plane was going to crash into my home.  As I was obviously inside I did not see it.  Actually think there were two planes which had to have been flying very low.  We used to be in the area where planes from Scott Air Force base practiced but have not heard them for many years.  Did anyone else hear or see the planes?
I have feral kitties eating at the store.  I am feeding them in a kitty carrier so eventually I can close the door on them and take the girls to the vet to be spayed as we cannot allow feral kitties to over populate the town.  Managed to trap two of them on Tuesday morning and took them to Dr. Holst in Augusta.  I have no idea how they got them out of the carrier as the kitties were very scared and upset.  Now I have three more that I need to catch.  Hopefully others are doing the same thing.  Having kitties in town is essential to keep down the rodent population. 
Thursday morning we had nine ladies for Bible study.  Mimi Lawton and Mary Hohe furnished refreshments.  Some might have recognized the cake as originally being at the chicken and noodle dinner which Women’s Circle sponsored on Saturday night.  It was still good cake-thanks ladies.
Just a reminder that the graveside service for Dot Burdett will be on Sunday, April 2nd at 2 pm at the Plymouth cemetery.  Cookies and punch will follow the service at the PCCC.  Every one is invited to both.
I have a credit card machine for use with both my businesses.  On my last report, the credit card company mentioned that my machine needed an update as Master Card was changing some things.  Called in today to get the updates done.  A couple of hours later I  noticed that the update was not complete so called the company again.  After hearing quite a bit of confusing language from the representative, I asked if what she was saying was that the person reprogramming my machine had made a mistake and had ruined my 400 dollar machine.  She said “basically yes”.  I am guessing who will be expected to pay for this error.  Have learned from experience that if I do not have a credit card guarantee, my B&B guests, for the most part, do not come so it is essential for my business but at 59 dollars per night, it takes a lot of reservations to pay for a machine.
Though we have had many nights with the temperature below freezing, my daffodils seem to me mostly OK.  More are blossoming each day.  The Lenten Roses also look OK.  Know that we could use some rain.  Also seems that if we get rain, we also get storms and I really do not like storms.
On Saturday, I had many customers at the store including one stoneware collector who had driven four hours to get there.  Thank you to every one who came in.  Had another stoneware collector earlier in the week.  Have been trying to put store items on face book so people will have some idea of what I carry in the store.  New customers are always surprised at the vast amount of things which I carry.
Stopped by Brick Wall Pizza tonight and a customer was eating a veggie pizza with ranch dressing.  That is one which I have not tried but certainly will.  I still get calls to my home phone trying to order pizza.  Think people must just look in the phone book under Plymouth.  Again the number for pizza is 309 458 3300.  You would not like for me to make you pizza!
Hope you have a good week and that spring is finally here.  Scatter Kindness.
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