Plymouth Area News for the week of March 28th, 2016 by Joyce Steiner

Chuck McCutchan passed away on Friday.  He and Donna lived on Main Street in Plymouth for as long as I can remember.  The McCutchan family has always been a big part of Plymouth.  Our sympathy to the family.  Have not seen any funeral arrangements so you will need to look at the Quincy Herald Whig to check for them.
Dot Burdett will celebrate her 96th birthday on Friday, April 1st.  I am sure she would appreciate cards-you can send them to Dot Burdett, Heartland Health Care, 8 Doctor’s Lane, Macomb, IL 61455.
There was a wedding in the Amish community this week so had a driver from northern Iowa here for four evenings.  He was absolutely no trouble as he brought his own cereal, not impressed with my chocolate rice krispies or cinnamon toast crunch.  He mentioned that he preferred almond milk so I bought some for him.  I found it “yucky” and noted that he did not drink it all.  There are lots of brands and varieties of almond milk so I may not have purchased his favorite kind.
There was an IEA retired meeting this week at Rushville.  We honored Senator John Sullivan for his years is Springfield.  Norine Hammond, state representative for our district, spoke on the current situation in Springfield.  We are all disgusted with the lack of a budget, the lack of funding for higher education and the lack of officials doing their jobs.  Hope that something gets done soon because it is going to be very difficult to get the state universities back to doing a good job of education if many employees are lost.
Thanks to the Village of Plymouth for getting new giant garbage cans out to all the residents on Tuesday.  I have already started “clean up” as they hold so much.
There were 10 for Bible study on Thursday.  Alene White was hostess.  This week will be our last week for this session.  Thanks to Pat Phelps for leading the study.
Finished loading on Thursday for a show at Paris, MO.  Needed to leave on Friday and I always like a few hours to think if I forgot anything.  The show is a small show with 50 some dealers and lasts for only six hours but I had a good show.  Talked to several other dealer friends there and they did well too.  Hope that is a good omen for the start of a new antique show season.
Ate at the Golden Corral in Hannibal.  I just cannot say enough good things about that restaurant.  They have “it” figured out.  They had prime rib on the food bar, steaks on the grill, the largest shrimp I ever saw, pot roast and any vegetable or salad that you can mention.  The price for it all is under 15 dollars.  The waitresses just run to try to keep up.  Noticed that the table next to me left a tip of one dollar for two people.  Now that is just wrong.
For those of you who use face book, I am sure that you notice, as I do, that a few people are very unkind and rude in their postings.  Normally I ignore those posts but this week I suggested that people try to be more kind.  You can guess where that got me.  Will just go back to ignoring that type of post but I do not understand the need to be hateful and rude to or about others on social media.
Today was Easter Sunday.  If you are a Christian, Easter gives meaning to your belief that there is another “life” after this one and that it should be far better than life on earth sometimes is.  There will be no cancer or other dreadful diseases to deal with as well as the awful heat ache of losing loved ones.  Easter gives us hope.
We had a “sunrise” service at 6 am.  Think we could move that service back by at least an hour as the sun is not currently up by 6 am and there was no sun today anyway.  We had a good crowd for the service and lots of youth.  It had been decided to have Easter baskets passed out and an Easter egg hunt after the second service.  Think we need to rethink that as there were far less children at the second service.
A BIG THANK YOU to the men of the church who prepared breakfast for every one.  The social service room was full for breakfast.  We had sausage and bacon, biscuits and sausage gravy, scrambled and fried eggs and fruit.   Mary Ruth Phillips made home made cinnamon rolls.  It was great and very much appreciated.
Saw on face book that one could bake eggs instead of boiling them.  It said to put the whole egg in a cupcake pan and bake them at 350 for 30 minutes..  Promptly cool in ice water.  Think I will try this as my hard boiled eggs are often not done, too done, green around the yoke or won’t peel.
Hope you had a good Easter and that you will have a good week.  Scatter Kindness.
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