Plymouth Area News for the week of May 16th, 2016 by Joyce Steiner

Try to imagine one weekend when 2nd Saturday Breakfast, 3rd Sunday Market and WIU graduation all happen on the same weekend!  That weekend is rapidly drawing to a close and I am at the computer writing the Plymouth area News at 10 pm on Sunday evening.  Tomorrow I plan to sleep.  Hopefully I will get no sales calls before noon.
Got the huge pots at the store drilled on Monday.  Have already purchased some plants for them and now will need to get potting soil and more plants.  Can’t wait to get them planted and looking pretty.  Thanks to Freddie Hoelscher for making the pots for the store.
My best friend in High School was Karen Kipling Madesian. We spent a lot of time together.  I knew her parents well.  Her father passed away a few years ago but her mother just passed away on Friday, May 6th.  Her funeral was on Wednesday at Jones Mortuary in Colchester.  I took a few minutes to run to the funeral home to see her for the last time, to look at the lovely picture book which Karen had done for her and to leave a small memorial.  Unfortunately I had three other commitments also  on Wednesday.  Sometimes we are just too busy and I was sorry to not be able to attend the funeral.
Had a friend ask if Argyle Lake Park was open so I drove home from the funeral home through the park and found out that it is indeed open.
Plymouth Women’s Circle met on Wednesday evening.  Hostesses were Mimi Lawton, Judy Gordy and Pat Rash.
Thursday got a call from Kathryn Noel who used to live in the area.  It was very nice to talk to her.  She had questions about some local people as well as the fate of the Hancock Shelter Care Home.
Bruce Morton stopped by Plymouth Rock Antiques on Thursday and left some copies of his book “Forgottonia”.  It is soft back, has 107 pages of color and black and white photographs taken by the Author of various sites around Forgottonia.  The book is delightful, you will see friends and neighbors and you will find my favorite photo in the book taken in the Plymouth Methodist Church building during a Christmas Eve Service.  If you do not have your copy yet, please drop by the store to purchase one.  We are still open noon-5 pm Monday through Saturday.
Friday had guests here who were attending graduation at WIU.  Will say very little about this, but I have never been treated so rudely by people who made a reservation a year ago but decided not to stay and could not let me know until I called them at 10 pm on Friday.  If you ever wonder why Bed and Breakfasts go out of business, I can help you understand.  Let me hastily add that 99% of my guests are polite, lovely and a pleasure to be around.
From there on the weekend was great.  Had a good turn out for the 2nd Saturday Breakfast.  Thanks to all who came!  I always thank our guests and one gentleman said “it is the best breakfast around”.  We have some very loyal supporters and each of you is appreciated.
Left the breakfast a bit before it was over to drive to Bloomington for 3rd Sunday Market.  Sometimes I forget just how much I enjoy the Market and the people there.  As I was a bit later than usual was greeted by old friends who were already partly set up on Saturday.  Our building has a very warm group of people who set up together.  We have two gentlemen next to us who sell a lot of signs and we all love to tease each other.  Put a small bell in my booth so they could ring it for us as customers often try to pay them for our merchandise.  Probably goes without saying that we had a lot of fun with “bell ringing experiences”.  Was good to see other dealers we had not seen since last fall and also our customers who return to the booth each year.  We had a good show.  It was just so nice to be with happy, positive people.  Thanks Mike and Emily!
Had to detour going over and back because the road north of Macomb going to Cuba is closed.  Found gravel roads that I did not even know existed.  Next time I will stick to route 9.  If you are going from this area, you can take 136 to 55 to Bloomington or take route 9 through Bushnell, Canton etc. while the road is closed.
Please look for the opening of Brick Wall Pizza this weekend.  I do not have order phone numbers but will get them to you as soon as I have them.  We wish this new business in Plymouth great success. 
Have a good week.  Some people are really forgetting to be kind to  others right now and when I suggest that you “Scatter Kindness”, I hope you will do so.  That also applies to feeding homeless creatures as well as being kind to your neighbors.  It is still honorable to treat every one with respect and tolerance. 
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