Plymouth Area News for the week of May 21st, 2018 by Joyce Steiner

Received word that Wayne Selby has passed away.  He attended Colchester High School.  He moved to Alaska and had a fishing boat there.  One of Ben’s son’s worked on the fishing boat for a summer.  Ben and Jim Baier also went to Alaska to fish with Wayne.  He and his wife later moved to Iowa and then to Florida.  He used to stop by the antique store when he was in the area.  Will miss seeing him.
Church Council and the Staff Pastor Relations Committee met at Living Faith on Monday evening.  All is going well with our church and we are enjoying our “new” pastor, Sheri Renner.  If you do not have a church home, please join us for services at 10 am in Bowen.
Had chicken livers at the Buss Stop again on Thursday evening-very popular evening for chicken there.
Finally got my AC checked so that I can turn it on as needed.  My B&B guest probably wished that it had been checked earlier!
The painting of the store fronts is finally done.  Hopefully everyone in town as well as customers will appreciate the new paint and the fresh look of two of the buildings on the Plymouth Square.
Had a call to go to the store early on Friday.  I am very grateful that I got the call because I noticed that the VW had a very low tire.  Took it to Ralph’s to get it checked.  Thankful to have Ralph and Drew here in Plymouth to help us all in our time of car repair need.  Thank You.
Headed out to Bloomington for 3rd Sunday Market early Saturday.  Got there and got set up in good time.  Had a chance to go out and buy a few things for the store.  Thought there were going to be fewer dealers but by opening time on Sunday, the Market was packed with dealers.  Talked to the owner of the show, Mike and Emily Raycraft and he said that this is year 31 for the Market.  Ben and I did the very first show and have missed very few of them in 31 years.  Gives me a chance to be with my niece, and to see long time friends at the Market.  Also a great excuse to have a wonderful meal while in Bloomington.
Prince Harry was very glad to see me tonight!  I was very glad to see that someone mowed some of my yard while I was gone.  Thank You too!
Have a great week.  Pray for your neighbors remembering that all are your neighbors.  Please also pray for those in Texas. 
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