Plymouth Area News for the week of May 25th, 2020, by Joyce Steiner


Plymouth Illinois needs a policeman.  For those of you who don’t know, Plymouth lies in west central Illinois.  We are a small town of approximately 500 people.  We have our own water supply, a sewer, an excellent school district, lots of nice people and a few not so nice.  We also boast a convenience store, a thrift shop, a post office, a fire department, a car repair service, a bank, a library, an antique store and a B&B, a tavern, two churches and more businesses. We have all the problems of any small town-empty houses left to rot down, weeds, junk cars, drugs, noise,  a bit of drag racing and more.  We have a great potential that most towns do not have.  Virginia Metzger left the town a trust with a goodly sum of money for use by the village every year for the benefit of all its residents.  With money from the trust and from the Village, Plymouth will be able to pay a competitive salary.  There are some homes for sale in Plymouth-one in particular is a former church, with a large garage and a nice lot on one of the main streets.  It is a really cute home.  If you or anyone you know, is a retired police officer, a current police officer,  retired military, or in any other line of police work who is in need of a different job and would be willing to move to a small town in Illinois, why not consider becoming Plymouth’s law enforcement officer.

Last Sunday, Southeastern held a  parade for all the 2020 graduates.  It started on the Plymouth Square, then traveled to Augusta and Bowen.  Superintendent Fox personally put signs on many of the graduates cars.  It was a nice thing to do for the class of 2020 who have missed out on so many traditions.  There is also a virtual graduation on the internet.  I also got to watch that .

Think I have mentioned that there are many birds in my yard this year.  Saw my first blue bird in a very long time.  Thanks to all of you who have put out blue bird boxes for many years.  Also saw my first monarch of the year yesterday.

Read on my computer that six of the best doctors in the world are sunlight, rest, exercise, diet, self confidence and friends.  I would like to add consideration for your fellow man to that list.  If we all strove to get enough of these and were considerate of all, we all would be more healthy and happier.  If we are self-confident, we do not need to inflate our own egos by bullying others, feeling we are better than others or ridiculing  others.

Seems that somehow I lost one of my check books.  A neighbor found it laying in the road and brought it back to me this week.  I cannot thank them enough.  That is being considerate of others!

I now have a hair cut and a dental appointment.  Thanks be!  I am also planning to have a soft opening of Plymouth Rock Antiques on Friday the 29th.  Masks and social distancing will be required until we can all figure this out.  I will try being open normal hours-noon to 5 pm Tuesday through Saturday.

This is and will continue to be a trying time for  us all.  You can help out by not thinking of yourself first but instead of thinking of the most vulnerable among us.  Places of business and churches are allowed to be open again on Friday.  Be considerate.  Not everyone will be able to get a hair cut promptly at 9 am on Friday!  Some will hesitate to reopen partly because of the “gun toting and awful hatred” shown towards those  with whom they disagree.  Do you really feel that those  “Pritzker sucks” signs and those signs with swastikas  on them are the way to solve problems. Be patient and be kind.  We are all in this together and we will all get through it faster  if we work together.

Scatter Kindness.

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