Plymouth Area News for the Week of May 4th

Talked to Terry Long this week and he said the open house for Flower Creek Greenhouse went very well last weekend. The green house is open every day I think so you can still get flowers and vegetable plants there.
VanBecks greenhouse east of Plymouth is also open and they also have lovely plants.

There was a very large wedding in the Amish community this week. Normally my guests make reservations but the people driving the Amish to the wedding did not. First I had a lady call and come to stay. Just after she got here another gentleman called from the porch asking for a room. Thursday morning while I was fixing breakfast for the lady another gentleman called and said he would be here in a few minutes. He got in on breakfast before he stayed but don’t think he got breakfast after. One guest stayed five days so that was good. He said that there were charted busses at the wedding, one was from New York. Wow can you imagine a wedding with literally hundreds of guests and then feeding them all!

Shut the door and watched the special two hour Grey’s Anatomy on Thursday despite having guests. Wanted to see how the show was going to handle the death of one of the main characters. Not sure I know yet.

Friday evening, Tiff Griffin, one of Ben’s daughters, from Oregon came to see me. She had come back to visit her mother who has not been well. Was wonderful to see her. We had a really good laugh. I asked her to bring a box of spring mix lettuce as that is what I use. She emailed and asked if I wanted a head or a box. I do not use ice berg head lettuce so reiterated a box. My idea of a box is one plastic box of lettuce which can be 4-16 ounces depending on the size of the plastic box. Her idea of a box was a cardboard box so I got 6 plastic boxes of lettuce. Will be eating a lot of salad this week! Bought more strawberries so I can fix the usual spring mix, fresh strawberries, feta cheese and light dressing.

Saturday I attended the Sullivan Auction at Hamilton which consisted of a huge stoneware collection. Was a very interesting auction. I got three yard pieces for my self and a lot of great tea leaf for the store. Also got some blue and white canisters which are highly collectible. Several friends from the stoneware club were also there.

Sunday after church, headed to Quincy because Chaddock was having the ground breaking for their new school today. Lovely day for the ceremony. Many dignitaries from the Methodist Church there as well as the mayor of Quincy and cameras from both Quincy news channels.

Also new this week was the sighting of the first humming bird and the first lightening bugs of the season. Also sightings of a lot of creeping charlie. I keep pulling it but it comes back pretty quickly.
Hope you have a great week. Enjoy the 80 degree weather.

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