Plymouth Area News for the week of November 19th, 2018 by Joyce Steiner


My B&B has been filled with hunters since the 1st of November.  On Monday when it snowed and was especially awful, I had hunters from Arkansas out all day and into the night.  When they got in, I questioned if they had spent the whole day in the woods.  In reply one of them pulled out his phone and showed me a photo of himself covered in snow.  He then told me that they had had enough and would be going home.  Could not blame them.

Tuesday our Illinois Education Association Retired group me at the Presbyterian church in Macomb.  Four of our members had taken a trip to Alaska and they shared memories of their trip with us.  Nice evening.  We shared pizza and brownies and since the brownies were so good, I asked where they came from.  Aldi’s of course.  They were Aldi’s Ultimate Bars-cookie brownie mix.  I went to Aldi and bought a couple of boxes and fixed some.  My current hunters found them on the table and took them home with them!  They are that good!

I got my flu shot.  It just became easier to get one then to think up excuses for not getting one.  My former doctor told me not to get a flu shot so I had not but he retired, so decided to “go with the flow”.  Am pretty healthy but if it helps to keep me well, it is worth it.  Hope they got the vaccine  better this year as last year I think it was only about 17% effective for the flu strain.

The Virginia Metzger sale will be on December 1st following the Leroy Ufkes sale.  Sale bills are out.

On Wednesday, the Plymouth Women’s Circle met at the PCCC.  We prepared the hall for the Bazaar which was held on Saturday morning.  A really big Thank You to all who came to the Bazaar.  Though our turn out did not seem to be large, we sold a lot of soup, all our sandwiches, most of our baked goods and a lot of candy.  The left over candy was wrapped and will be used in our Christmas boxes which we pass out to many community members.  Again thanks to all who helped, all who donated food and time and all who supported the effort.

A new round of hunters arrived Thursday.  They are three gentlemen who rent the whole house every gun hunting season.  Nice men!.  One of them got a really nice trophy buck.  He was so happy.  It took all three of them to get it hauled out of the forest.  They did not come with 4 wheelers like most of my hunters do, but said that one would not have worked any way because they had to haul the deer up and down steep ravines and the leaves were wet.

Friday I finally took a day to go to Quincy and stock the antique mall.  Of course that meant a trip to the Golden Corral.  When I got home Friday evening, I baked two pecan pies, an angel food cake and the afore mentioned cookie, brownie bars for the Bazaar.  Very long day as I had to get up at 5 am on Saturday to go help get the Bazaar ready.

How can we say thank you to Tad and Brenda Peters.  Living Faith United Methodist Church served a free Thanksgiving dinner for anyone in the community who wanted to attend on Sunday after church.  Many people brought food and helped prepare food but Tad and Brenda planned it all.  When an event is open to the community, it is impossible to know how many will attend so enough food must be prepared so that there is enough for every one who might attend.  That is a very difficult undertaking.  Of course we had way too much food!  Mostly it was people who attend church who came to dinner but after most of us had eaten and when we were cleaning up a two generation family came and ate with us.  Next year, we hope to have more community members come to celebrate Thanksgiving with us.

Finally got home and took a nap.  That was well overdue.  Ran to Macomb after the nap to get ink for my printer.  I have been ordering it off the internet and though I used to have good service, the same company does not now seem able to send the correct ink.  Even called to make sure that I had the correct numbers-oh well.  There are a whole lot of people who would love to have the wrong printer ink as their problem!

Though the weather report for Saturday was ominous, the Plymouth area was lucky again.  Just watched the weather report and found that there was snow all around us but we only got a few flakes.  Thank goodness.

One of our former pastors, Charles Hughes, is gravely ill.  Please keep him and his family in your prayers.

Scatter Kindness.

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