Plymouth Area News for the week of October 16th, 2017 by Joyce Steiner

The antiques store had been pretty quiet since Labor Day but sold a couple of pieces of furniture this week.  Thanks.
Wednesday evening Plymouth Women’s Circle met at the PCCC.  The program was given by Elyse Strange who has done missionary work in St. Louis as well as in Africa.  Was an interesting program. 
Called in answer to an ad in the paper from a green house wanting walnuts.  They said I was too far away to come over to pick up my walnuts but they must have told Larry Johnson that I had offered them as he called and offered to come and pick them up.  If you have walnut problems in your yard, the squirrels bury them and they come up all over or you trip over them, give Larry a call at 217 430 4876 to come and rid your yard of those pesky walnuts.
Thursday we had ten ladies for Bible study.  Mary Hohe was hostess.
If you are interested in the aerial views of the farms by county done in 1955 by John Drury, I now have about 20 of them.  They are pretty difficult to find but a gentleman who had bought several from me offered to sell them back to me along with others.  They would make great Christmas gifts for any one who has a family member who had a farm which was photographed.  Both our farm and that of my Uncle Oscar Steiner are included in the McDonough County volume.  I also have Hancock County and many others.
The B&B has really been interesting this year.  This was family weekend at WIU so I had several reservations.  Those reservations cancelled and others booked.  Some of those also cancelled.  I ended up with a gentleman from NY for two evenings who seemed very pleased with the accommodations and a mother and her daughter from WIU.  I was amused at the gentleman because he was surprised that there was no dust in my home.  He must have thought that since Victorian homes are usually filled with things that dust follows.  Oh the blessings of hot water heat with no blowing air!!
This weekend was the second weekend of the Spoon River Scenic Drive.  I told you quite a bit about it last week.  It was a good weekend as long as one was set up indoors.  We had a very decent Drive.  Did about the same amount of sales both weekends.
I was pleased with my sales because the weather really did not cooperate either weekend.  There were storms in the area Saturday night and I saw photos of wind damage in Farmington.  Plymouth had hail, wind and a lot of rain.  There was a tornado watch in the area most of the night.  Glad the storms have passed.  This week is supposed to be beautiful now that the Drive is over!
Have a great week.  Please pray for your neighbors.  There are several in our community with very serious health issues.
Scatter Kindness.
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