Plymouth Area News for the week of October 17, 2016 by Joyce Steiner

Our area has really been hit this week.  On Sunday, Carlene Phillips passed away at Golden Good Shepherd Home.  She was 100 years old.  She is the mother of Glenadene Webster and Margaret Phillips.  Carlene was a member of Living Faith United Methodist Church as is her daughter Glenadene.
On Monday Elizabeth Cowdery passed away at Bickford Cottage in Quincy.  She also attended Living Faith United Methodist Church in Bowen.
On Tuesday Barbara Jean Cookson of Bickford Cottage in Quincy passed away.  She graduated from Plymouth High School.  Barbara and her husband Jerry operated funeral homes in Plymouth and Augusta.  Rod Cookson is her brother in law.
Our sympathy to each of these families and their friends.
And today at 3rd Sunday Market in Bloomington, I went to the next building to shop a booth I always stop at because I often bought stoneware in the booth.  Instead of a booth containing stoneware and toys, there was a memorial to the gentleman whose booth it was.  He passed from pancreatic cancer since the last show.  So sorry to hear this too.
Now here is a really strange request.  I left my green rubber lawn mowing shoes on the back porch.  One of them is missing.  Several times I have found a black and brown hound on my porch enjoying my kitties food and I suspect he carried it home with him.  Is going to be difficult to mow with only one shoe.  If anyone finds it, please return it to my back porch.  Thanks.
Plymouth Women’s Circle met on Wednesday evening at the PCCC.  The topic for the meeting was a “wing and a prayer”.  We sent prayers for the ladies in our group who are fighting cancer and also for others.  Hostesses for the evening were Pat, Bev and Jessica Phelps.
On Friday evening, I was able to attend the visitation for Elizabeth Cowdery.
I worked all week unpacking the van from Spoon River and repacking it for 3rd Sunday Market.  Filled it to the top as usual.  The Market started off strong and I thought we would have a great show and then about 11 am sales slumped and it was pretty well over for us.
Saturday I had a Monarch butterfly working my butterfly bush so I guess they did not all fly South yet.
Had a good time both at Spoon River Drive at Smithfield and at 3rd Sunday Market.   We eat well at both shows.  Went to dinner with the guys who set up next to us in Bloomington.  We and many other dealers go to the Imperial Buffet in Normal.  It is just wonderful!
Got loaded in good time and headed for home.  My kitties were glad to see me.  When I stopped by the store, there were complaints that no one had been by at noon to provide food.  When I got home, there were more complaints that no one had been home to provide loving.  My kitties love me!
Hope you had a good week last week.  Tomorrow, Monday, the temperature is to be in the 90 degree range and could set a record for the date.  Enjoy the warmth as it will not be this warm again until next summer.  Scatter Kindness. 
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