Plymouth Area News for the week of October 29th, 2018 by Joyce Steiner


It is hunting season and as a result, I get to host friends again.  Mike and Bruce have been here this week and Bruce would like to lease some land in the area.  He is a really nice person.  If you have, or know of any land to lease for deer season, please call Bruce at 231 206 3677.

Had a reservation made at 5:30 am on Sunday.  That is a pretty weird time to make a reservation for the same day you are planning to stay, so I was a bit apprehensive.  When the couple arrived, I found that they were a very nice couple who stayed here last year.  I really should be better at remembering names!

Monday I caught up on book work from the show the previous weekend.  Love book work.  I get to sit down.  Also on Monday and other days this week, I had a stray dog at the store.  I love animals but my feral kitties also like to eat and stray dogs eat cat food even though stray kitties do not eat dog food.  Please keep your dogs in your yard or on a leash.  Linda said a stray dog jumped into her car at the library.  He found a nicer warm place to be.

Monday was also Ben’s birthday.  He has now been gone 16 years.

Noted in the paper that there was 13 acres of land for sale near Plymouth.  Said it also had a windmill and a pond on it.  Sounded interesting till I found it also had a house on it.  One house is enough to try to keep up.

Bought lottery tickets for the really big prize.  Unfortunately did not win!  Always fun to think of all the good things one could do with millions of Dollars.  We could do a lot to help clean up Plymouth.  Could pay off the sewer loan and get a new water tower.  Much good could be accomplished.

I have mentioned “chicken nights”.  KD’s coop has one on Wednesday as does the Office in Basco.  Augusta has chicken on Thursday nights.  All good.  Now Max and Mollies in Macomb has “all you can eat chicken” on Thursday evening but the twist is that you can have baked chicken as well as fried.  I suspect that baked chicken is a more healthy alternative to all the fried chicken.  Tried a piece of baked chicken on Thursday, as well as fried, and will go with all baked next time.

After Mike and Bruce left on Friday, I washed sheets and made beds at 11 pm Saturday just in case I did have guests Sunday.  Good thing I made beds because as I mentioned, I got a reservation very early Sunday morning.  Do hope that the hunters get some of the deer as there were four serious car wrecks with deer in one week.  Our Pastor hit a large buck on IL 61 south of the Tennessee junction.  I used to see a very large buck in that area but thought he was already gone.  Deer are lovely but I don’t like to see them atop cars.

Tonight Living Faith United Methodist Church in Bowen hosted a Halloween Carnival.  The pastor from the Christian church also helped so I know it was a community project though I was not here during the planning of the event.  I think that there were easily 200 people in attendance.  There were many stations of games for the children to play.  I saw ring toss, bowling, face painting, duck draw and many more.  There were trays of cookies on each table and candy everywhere.  Two bicycles were also given away just after the costume judging.  It was delightful to see all the children from the community have a great time in a safe environment.  Hot dogs, mac and cheese, baked beans and more were served to everyone who attended.  Thanks to all who helped with the event and thanks to all who came out to enjoy the festivities.

The trees in Plymouth are in their full color glory.  I took photos along my street on Saturday and posted some of them on face book.  I am sure that the winds on Sunday will take down a lot of the glorious leaves but we had a couple of days to enjoy them.  I have maple trees on all sides of my home and it is so nice to wake up to the lovely leaves just outside my window.  Now if fall just was not followed by winter, all would be better!

Have a great week.  Enjoy the beautiful foliage.  Scatter kindness.

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