Plymouth Area News for the week of October, 30th, 2017 by Joyce Steiner

Rosella Moormann passed away on October 26th in Bolivar, MO.  She and her husband Alvin farmed near Plymouth for many years.  She was also a member of Plymouth Women’s Forum.
Dick Schultz, son of Fernita Thomas, passed away on October 24th.  He graduated with  the Plymouth class of 1952.
Dr. Conrad Nielsen passed away on October 26th at the home of one of his sons in Warrenville, Il.  He was a dentist in Clayton during the years I taught at Central.
There was also the death of a student at Southeastern this week. 
 We are so very sorry to hear of the passing of these people and wish peace for their friends and family.  Please keep all these folks in your prayers.
The Troublesome Ridge Bluegrass Band will be performing at the Community Center on the east side of the Plymouth Square on Sunday, November 5th beginning at 5 pm.  The members of the band are Emily Houge, Steve Smith, Roger Smith, Mark Henness and Dick Bent.  There will be no cover charge but tips etc will be accepted for the band and for the use of the building.  Pizza will be available from Brick Wall Pizza located in the same building.  Why not come out and enjoy some good food and good music.
There were 10 ladies present for Bible study on Thursday morning.  This was the last lesson in the current series.  We will start another series soon.
Attended the dinner at Wesley Village on Thursday.  We learned more about the home settings which are in the process of being created there.  The home settings make living there seem more like living at home with family.  Was an interesting program and a great dinner.
Had a call early Saturday morning asking if I had a room available for two hunters.  Asked when they needed the room and they said in about two hours.  Got out of bed and made up a bedroom for them.  A lovely couple from the state of Louisiana.  They are still trying to get tree stands set up.  Got another call tonight asking the same question.  He is arriving on Monday evening and is from Michigan.  Have other hunters from Michigan also coming in this week.  Glad to welcome new hunters as the family who stayed her for 17 years sold their land.
I am going to give you a public service announcement. If you have not had a colonoscopy and you are near middle age, whatever that is, get one.  If you have colon cancer in your family get one sooner.  If you are clear and there is no colon cancer in your family, you will not need another one for 10 years.  If there is a problem or if there is colon cancer in your family you will need one every 5 years.  The worst part of this screening is the preparation for it.  I have had 4 tests and each time the prep gets easier as new products come out which are better than the previous ones. Also I recommend that you go to a specialist.  I go to Springfield for each test.  You want a doctor who does this test as a specialty, not someone who does a few each year.  You cannot drive after the test so you will need a driver to go with you.  Thanks to Babe Hiland for taking me to Springfield.  We all know someone who has passed from colon cancer.  My brother did.  David Kerr often talks about colon cancer on face book.  So make that appointment and get checked so that you have peace of mind.
We had almost 20 children for the children’s sermon at Living Faith today.  Had 116 for church last Sunday.  Our new Pastor, Sheri Renner, is doing a lot for the church as are many others.  Life often is not easy.  We all have problems but our burdens are sometimes lightened when we draw strength form each other.  If you do not have a church family, please come and join ours on Sunday morning at 10 am for church or 9 am for Sunday School.  When I arrived at church this morning, there were a lot of cars already there.  That is not the usual.  I found that the men of the church had prepared breakfast for the church.  We had eggs, biscuits and gravy, sausage, bacon and drinks.  Thanks so  much to the men of the church for preparing breakfast.  It was appreciated.
Hope this week has less loss than last week.  Pray for all your neighbors, especially for those who have lost loved ones.  Scatter Kindness.
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