Plymouth Area News for the week of September 7th, 2015 by Joyce Steiner

It was wonderful to have Bruce and Wanda Eddington in church on Sunday.  I know that I do not understand the effort and courage that it takes for them to do things that most of us take for granted. 
Had an old friend Mike Wold in the antique store on Thursday while I was off to Lowderman’s auction.  He told me what a wonderful lady helped them at the store-thank you Babe Hiland!  He and his partner have been customers of mine for years.  Today I saw Mike at Argyle and he told me that he too is battling cancer.  Our prayers are with Wanda and Mike and all the others who are fighting this disease.
Paul Bates passed away on Sunday August 30th in Macomb.  He taught in both Tennessee and Colchester schools while I was a student.  He was a very caring teacher and administrator.
Donna McCutchan was at Plymouth Old Settlers and she sent me a note to let you all know that she and Chuck are living in Quincy at 1261 Park Place, Quincy, IL 62301-4219.  She and Chuck would be very happy to visit with old friends and neighbors from Plymouth.  You could not miss Donna as she was dressed in all orange, her favorite color.
Took a mini vacation on Monday.  After I closed Plymouth Rock Antiques, headed for Hamilton.  Stopped at Subway and got my favorite tuna sub and tea and headed for the bank of the Mississippi River just north of Hamilton.  Found a picnic table and ate my sub and watched all the birds and butterflies on the river.  Watched the sun go down and just enjoyed the peace of nature.  Not a long enough vacation but a respite none the less.
Wednesday was the Adams Telephone Coop annual meeting which is held at the Adams headquarters in Golden.  A good crowd was present for the dinner provided by Adams.  After dinner, one could look at the new things Adams will offer, play in a sand box, watch fiber being spliced or just sit and wait for the meeting to start.  I chose two of the options!  Adams always gives away really nice prizes to encourage members to come to the meeting.  Did not win again but every one who attended got ten dollars off their next bill which was appreciated.
Last week I raved about the site  Also sent the editor of the site an email.  He sent back a nice reply.  The editor is Jesse Derber and he teaches in St. Louis but would love to live in a small town.  I invited him to Plymouth!
Have a cactus with broad, thorn less leaves which blooms with huge white blossoms at night.  Have missed the first three blooms but went out late Wednesday evening to enjoy one of the blossoms.
Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday I went to Argyle to check on the flea market.  Each day the venders had closed down by the time I got there.  Sunday I attended the parade in Colchester and then went out.  Talked to a couple of friends who were very happy with the show and encouraged me to do it again.  Will have to think on that as it is difficult to get three days covered at the store.
Please remember that September 12th is the Second Saturday and that Plymouth Pride will be serving sausage gravy and biscuits or pancakes with a drink at the Community Center on the east side of the Plymouth Square starting at 6 am.  We plan to serve until 10 am if we do not run out before that time.  We also plan to have soft serve ice cream and pie near the end of the event.  Please come and join us.  All proceeds will go to support and rehab the Community Center.
Dorothy Torok celebrated her 100th birthday on Saturday, September 5th with a family reunion.  There will be an open house for Dorothy at the PCCC on Saturday, September 12 from 2-4 pm.
As summer draws to a close, we will miss the season.  Love spring and summer and fall would be wonderful too if winter was not close behind.  Scatter Kindness.
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