Plymouth News for the week of March 12th, 2018 by Joyce Steiner

It has been a tough week in many ways.  Our sympathy to the families of Paul Lee, Gary Douglas, Kathryn Eichman and Jean O’Neal.  I lived in Augusta on a lot owned by Jean and Buford Hornecker for many years. Jean later married John O’Neal.
Took my van to Macomb on Tuesday for an oil change and a detail.  Look at it quickly as it will not stay clean long.
Had a couple of really good days at Plymouth Rock Antiques this week.  Thanks to all who came in and shopped.
Had two hunters here from Florida this week.  Was absolutely amazed that they have been coming here for 10 years and that no one had ever told them that Plymouth has a B&B.  Not sure how they finally found my B&B but they were delighted to find me and have made reservations to return.  It would be a nice thing to work together for the good of Plymouth-I send customers to the restaurant and mini mart all the time!
The Village Board met on Wednesday.  There was discussion of an animal ordinance which was continued to Monday evening.  Two members were appointed to the Metzger Trust Board.  They are Chad Griswold and Randy Smith.  Both will be good members.  Mayor Sanson also nominated me for the Metzger Board.  Ernie Diseron, Bob Orris and Michelle Burton voted “no” on my nomination. 
Plymouth has a major problem-it has had one for a very long time.  There are people who want to do what is best for Plymouth.  There are people who are proud to own their own homes, who keep their property clean, who do not store junk cars on their lawn and who try to get along with every one.  Then there are people who do none of those things.  We have had some very dedicated couples who have come to Plymouth to try to help make it a better place to live and raise a family.  Two in particular come to mind-Steve Meiss and Shirley Burton and Jim and Wendi Mattson.  Steve became mayor and Shirley became president of the Plymouth Business Association.  Steve and Shirley restored a home to live in.  They owned Meiss -Burton Sundries-the drug store.  They worked tirelessly for the Plymouth community.  Steve commuted to work in Petersburg which was a long way to drive.    No two people ever worked harder for the Plymouth community.  Yet they were met with opposition at every turn.  When they decided that they could just no longer live here, Plymouth lost two of its best friends for positive change. 
 This past year we lost Jim and Wendi Mattson.  Jim Mattson was also mayor for a time and Wendi was on the village board.  They too worked tirelessly for the community.  They helped repaint the bandstand and the library.  They spent untold hours researching how to best help the community while on the village board.   The loss of these couples was a great blow to Plymouth.
Part of the problem which any small town has is not a problem with the community but rather a “sign of the times”.  Older home owners die, people buy their homes and make them rentals.  Small business go out of business because every one can drive to a larger town to shop.  But that does not mean that a community has to die.
Currently Plymouth is pretty well split between those who care about the community, who keep their homes and lawns neat and clean, who have ties to Plymouth’s past and would like to see it continue or even thrive and those who do none of those things.  We have people whose lawns are piled with junk, who do not keep their homes or buildings in repair, who do not keep their weeds mowed and are proud of it!    When two homes became empty in Plymouth, vandals went in and destroyed everything inside,  This is both senseless and sad.
Plymouth has a real opportunity now to make some positive changes.  Virginia Metzger left a trust for the Village to be used for the good of ALL the people in Plymouth.  Its governing board is to be made up of 3-5 members.  These members need to be the best possible positive people who will work for the good of Plymouth and who is appointed to that board should not just be a political football.
Plymouth is at a tipping point.  It can be saved and cleaned up and be a good place to live or it can be a place of disgusting homes, trash filled yards and a place where coons, possums, rats and skunks live in vacant run down buildings.  We have those who want to clean up and repair homes and we also have those who fight any progress.  It is well past time for the “silent majority” to speak up against those who allow homes and buildings to be trashed and who allow those who have worked so hard to make Plymouth better to be opposed or even driven out of town. 
Today you need to do more than just scatter kindness, you need to oppose those who scatter hatred.
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