PPlymouth Area News for the week of November 28th, 2016 by Joyce Steiner

Our sympathy to the family and friends of Teresa Belt who passed away on Saturday.  She was a morning cook at KD’s Coop.
Probably all of us have a garage that will hold more vehicles than we can get in it.  I am working on that.  When a friend, Hazel Miltenberger, passed away, her grandson brought boxes and boxes of her things and put them in my garage.  When Dot moved to Heartland, boxes and boxes of her things came into my garage as well as lots of her clothes.  So I am having a cleaning party.  Hazel painted and now many of her paintings are  in book racks where they take up less room.  She did some really interesting oil paintings.  She would copy another painting and sometimes sign both the artist’s name and her own.  If you need some original oil paintings, let me know and you can visit my garage.  There are numerous subjects ranging from landscapes to Elvis to religious paintings.  I also have a walnut “Mormon” couch in there.  It is one of the couches that has a pull out to make it wider to be used as a bed.  When I get the third stall cleaned, there will be room for lawn mowers, bicycles and perhaps even some empty space until I fill it with furniture for the store.
My garage is also a green house of sorts.  When we built it, we put 3 picture windows on the south side and put in a furnace so that I could winter flowers in it..  This week I have been rewarded by a blooming trumpet flower.  Currently it has 15 blossoms on it.  They are about 7 inches long and 6 inches across and smell heavenly.  They are a creamy color and obviously trumpet shaped.  I put a couple of pictures of them on face book if you want to see them.
Went to see Dot on Tuesday evening.  We talked for a while then she went to sleep.  It was 7:30 pm and I think many at Heartland go to sleep early.
Wednesday I had a gentleman in the store who collected stoneware.  He was in the area to attend the Sullivan Auction of Dick Thompsons things.  Said that prices were strong.  Sent a couple of pieces home with him from the store. 
Thursday was Thanksgiving so I started cooking on Wednesday.  I was responsible for the gravy, the dressing, cranberries and pie.
Made a apple crumb pie and a cranberry pie.  The cranberry pie was good but the crumble topping got so hard that an ice pick could have been helpful.  Need to play with that recipe.  Those present at the home of Ila Steiner Robb included Roger and Rachel Steiner, Sara Mullins, Marcella Steiner Hardin, Curtis and Shawna Sprinkle Steiner, Calvin and Felix, Joyce Steiner and Ila Robb..  The food and being with family was great.
Hallmark channel has been having movies all week.  I love Hallmark movies because they always turn out the way you want them to rather than the way life often turns out.  
Hope you had a good Thanksgiving.  Have a great end of November  and welcome in the month that celebrates the birth of the Christ Child.  Scatter Kindness.                                                                     
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