We Are Community for the week of Aug 2nd, 2021, by Joyce Steiner


As you know I sometimes take a mini vacation by going to the Mississippi River just above Hamilton.  Realized I had not done that for a while so today I stopped by Hardees, got a bag of cheeseburgers and went to the river.  I love the beauty and the peacefulness of the Mississippi.  There were lots of swallows, monarch butterflies, dragon flies and more.  I seemed to have missed the blooms on the water lilies however.  Because the river is shallow in this area, there are lots of water lily plants and I know they would have large yellow blossoms if they were blooming.  While I was sitting on a picnic table enjoying the view, a car pulled up and someone called my name.  Turned out it was my nephew Curtis and his family.

Drove on to Keokuk to save a bit of money on gas and to  locate the US Cellular store as the one in Macomb was closed when I went there on Tuesday.  My current cell phone does not have enough storage.  As it is my first cell phone, I did not know enough about what to buy  and now I find that I need one with more storage as this one locked up and I lost all my photos, phone numbers etc. at one point and do not want a to happen again.

Looks like we will all be going back to wearing masks because we have so many who refuse to get covid shots.  With all the fairs, concerts, and schools opening, people are interacting again and covid is resurging.  About half of us had on masks at church this morning.  I do so hope that the start of school goes well for the students, teachers and all school workers.  I know that most students have not been able to get their shots.  I also know that for whatever reason many parents are opposed to having their children wear masks.  I am not a parent but I do not understand that.  I cannot help but think that I would want to do everything possible to protect my child.  Isn’t doing something so simple as wearing a mask, which might help prevent covid, be better than watching your child become sick.  To me covid restrictions are a lot like faith.  We can believe in God and live our lives the best way that we can.  Or we can not believe in God and think we are in control.  How is that working out?

Normal  week.  Did some grocery shopping, lots of mowing, lots of weeding and kitty feeding.  Have seen a pretty long haired black kitty in my yard the last couple of days.  Is anyone missing a kitty?  Also have taken time to watch the Olympics on NBC in the evening.  Good to see Michael Phelps as a commentator since he is no longer swimming.  Seems to me we are getting to see more of the track and field than normal.  Glad for that.

When sleep is elusive, I come down stairs and check the cameras then go out to the patio.  On Wednesday there was a half moon covered with a lot of haze.  The haze did produce a nice color but would prefer that there would be less color and less fires raging in the west and Canada.  There were also kitties to keep me company,  a racoon, bats, bugs, dogs and more.  Think that I have bats which live in my chimney as there are always bats around in the evening and I no longer use the chimney as I do not burn my fire place and my furnace vents out the foundation of my home.  Bats eat mosquitos and are fun to watch just as long as they do not get too close.

Got my lawnmower back.  Second blade I have wrecked in a weeks’ time.

Have had a lovely young lady at the B&B for three days.  She is here driving some Amish.

I was dragging a tree limb about  three times my size to my brush pile when a young man on a bicycle stopped by to help.  Really nice to have something like that happen.  Thank You.

Saturday I had a call early asking if I would be open and if I had side tables.  A positive reply to both still did not bring the customer to my store.  If you have not been to Plymouth Rock Antiques, we have side tables and three store buildings full of everything.  Please come see me!

My nephew had a tenderloin at Hometown Café last week.  It looked wonderful.  There was a discussion about tenderloins on face book this week and many reported that they are not available in many places.  There was also a recipe from Macomb which I found interesting.  Get a 4-6 ounce boneless pork chop and pound it to about ¾ inch thickness.  Soak it in milk and put it in the frig for about 8 hours.  Bread it in Golden Dipt Breading and deep fry.

Stopped by the Dairy Queen in Carthage on my way home today.  There was a police car and then an ambulance in the parking lot helping a gentleman.  Let us pray that he will be OK.

Enjoy the cooler weather.  It will be easier to get some mowing done this week.  Enjoy the colorful sunsets and moon color knowing that there is a bit of good in the worst of things.  Scatter Kindness which includes getting your covid shot and wearing a mask to protect others even if you are not concerned about yourself.

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